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communicator AND collaborator

| Denise Olson

Amanda Rumpca
Senior Honors student
communication sciences and disorders major 

Some call it an epiphany, others call it the "aha moment" — Oprah called it a light bulb moment. If you've been lucky enough to experience the feeling when all the pieces come together and true understanding emerges, you'll connect with Amanda Rumpca. The senior Honors student, a communication sciences and disorders major from Ramsey, Minnesota, had one of those moments during her study abroad in Spain. As a future speech-language pathologist, Amanda knows how vital communication and interpersonal understanding is, and life in Spain was a defining moment in this regard. 

"As an English-speaking American, I learned how it feels to be a cultural and linguistic minority, an experience that will be particularly important in my profession while working with clients from diverse backgrounds. Study abroad changed many of my perspectives and gave me a look at how others in the world live, think and act," Amanda said. 

This empathetic perspective also served Amanda well in founding and serving as president of the UW-Eau Claire chapter of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, an honors organization that promotes scholarship and provides leadership and service opportunities. Collaboration and flexibility, skills developed in her clinical practicum at the Center for Communication Disorders, along with Amanda's desire for open and effective dialogue and feedback have helped her to make NSCS a successful campus organization "where all members feel as though their ideas and opinions are valued and respected." 

Amanda's clinical preparation in speech-language pathology, her immersion into Spanish culture during her study abroad and the opportunity to create a successful and impactful student organization have allowed Amanda Rumpca to flourish as a communicator AND a collaborator ... and that's pretty powerful.  

Photo captions:
Large photo: Amanda Rumpca in Segovia, Spain in 2013