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2015 Teacher of the Year: Monica Thayer

Alumnus Monica Thayer received District Teacher of the Year award from the Aldine ISD in December 2015.  Monica graduated from UW-Eau Claire with an art education major in 2012.  When asked about her greatest contributions and philosophy of teaching, Monica said:

"During a summer in college I interned at Shelburne Museum in Vermont in the education department.  The internship showed me that I desired to give students skills in order to create their own artwork, rather than doing the crafty fun 'art'.  Returning to college in the fall, I was finally convinced that the classroom was where I needed to be.

"During my student teaching semester of college I was given 2 options; stay in Wisconsin or go to Texas and teach in Aldine. I opted for Texas and student taught at Nimitz High School and Reed Academy.  The experience in the classroom with the students and the professional relationships prepared me and convinced me to stay!  I promptly interviewed here at Stovall Middle School and was hired while finishing my student teaching.  I am currently in my fourth year teaching and I can honestly say that I love my job...

"My goal as an educator is to engage and guide the students to explore, appreciate and participate in the world through art.  It is truly a pleasure for me to watch my students as they stumble around and learn to see the world in a whole new way!"