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Success Starts Here: Who's who in the College

| Gretchen Hutterli

"Success Starts Here" is a series of seven articles that introduce new students to the UW-Eau Claire College of Business. A new article will be posted each week until the fall academic term begins.

Welcome to the COB team!

Teamwork is something we do a lot of in the College of Business. In fact, knowing how to work successfully in a team is one of our learning goals for students.

A great team requires effective leadership. Introducing Interim Dean Tim Vaughan, the college’s CEO, and some of the executive staff you will be working with the next four years. You will learn what they do at work, as well as what they do for fun. Who knows, you may have some interests in common! The college's administrative team will also share some favorite memories from their undergrad days and offer tips for making your first year a success.


Tim Vaughan

Meet Timothy Vaughan, Interim Dean

I am responsible for ensuring that the college continues to provide a top-notch education directed at preparing students for success.  This involves a lot of activities that are very similar to running a business, such as managing budgets, championing “product development” (which includes decisions about our majors, courses, and extra activities like internships) and developing and retaining our “human capital” (aka faculty and staff). Interestingly enough, I find my background in production and operations management, statistics and quantitative analytics very useful in all of these activities. Like everyone else, I find that new roles and new challenges provide me with the opportunity to continue learning new skills.

When I am not working...I try to stay in shape with a variety of exercise and outdoor activities. I enjoy hiking, camping, water sports as well as snow sports. I often have a harmonica in my pocket and will play a tune for anyone willing to listen. (It doesn’t usually last long!)

My best college memories include...The four years I spent on the Northern Iowa wrestling team, "trying harder" as they say, but loving every minute of the camaraderie. Backpacking in Colorado with some of my best friends is definitely right up there, too.

My advice to you is to...Come to college ready to explore and take advantage of as many opportunities as you can. Our university is all about the “Power of AND”. Recognize that this is a time in your life that provides great opportunity, and little real penalty for trying things that are out of your comfort zone. You are here to learn, but not all of that learning is going to occur in your classes. 

Also, develop good habits early. Make up a weekly schedule with time set aside for studying. If you need help or advice, don't hesitate to contact your teachers, advisors, or department chair. They are all here to help.


Jack Hoggatt

Meet Jack Hoggatt, Assistant Dean

I process a lot of paperwork—petitions requesting a substitute of a course or a waiving of a program requirement, and readmission applications. I also help students who are having academic difficulties. Hopefully you will never be suspended from the university, but if you are, I will be one of the people reading your appeal letter.

My best college memories include...Graduating from college. It was such a great feeling knowing I had achieved a goal I set in grade school.

When I am not working...I like to run and play racquetball. I also enjoy working with students, teaching, and writing in the areas of communication, computer applications, and keyboarding.

My advice to you...Place the highest priority on getting your education; it is the ticket that will take you where you want to be.

Meet Gretchen Hutterli, Assistant Dean-External Affairs

Gretchen Hutterli

I get to market the College of Business to students, alumni, employers and members of the business community. I work with Admissions so I may have already met you if you visited campus last year. Another important part of my job is to keep you up-to-date on what is happening in the COB through the BizWire e-newsletter and the COB social media sites. I am also the chair of the COB Scholarship Committee. Look for my email inviting you to apply for scholarships in March.

When I am not working...I love to travel and have traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. I like to bike and recently signed up to do part of the Ragbrai, a non-competitive bike ride across Iowa. And, I enjoy meeting students—feel free to stop by anytime. I am interested in hearing about you and your UW-Eau Claire experience.

My best college memories include...Being president of a student organization my senior year. In addition to gaining many leadership skills from the experience, I got to fly to San Diego to attend a national convention. This was my first airplane trip and I was very excited to go.

My advice to you is to...Try to fit a study abroad experience into your degree program (my one regret from my college days is that I didn't). Your worldview will change and you will learn so much about yourself.


Raj Aroskar

Meet Raj Aroskar, Chair, Accounting + Finance Department

I work with faculty, staff, and employers to ensure that we offer academic programs and educational opportunities that prepare our students for successful careers. I am responsible for recruiting and retaining quality faculty in my department. I teach international finance and investments classes and also write and review research articles for professional journals.

When I am not working...I enjoy reading about finance and business, and current events. I also like to travel, meet new people, and learn about other cultures.

My best college memories include...Being independent from my family for the first time. As an international student, I was a bit scared as there were many unknowns. Could I adjust to a different country and culture without the support of friends and family? Would I have enough money? Despite these concerns, I was very excited as I was free to make my own decisions and mold my own future.

My advice to you is to...Be open to new people and ideas. Ask questions and listen to a variety of viewpoints before forming judgments. Having an open mind will help you gain a more complete picture of the people you meet and the world you live in.


Tony Keys

Meet Tony Keys, Chair, Information Systems Department

I lead the information systems department. This involves assisting students, faculty, businesses, alumni in their interactions with the department. I advise students, especially students who transfer and those taking a second degree, as well as those who sign up for the minor in information systems. I visit with companies and cultivate relationships that will benefit our students. I also lead the college's SAP initiative and teach IS classes.

When I am not working...I like to orienteer, kayak, and sail when I get the opportunity, but mostly I enjoy running off the trail. I love to listen to music and enjoy movies and books of all kinds. Modeling is a favorite pastime, whether using a programming language, a spreadsheet or creating a world for a model train.

My best college memories include...Meeting people who had the same passions I had. This made for some great times.

My advice to you is to...Make your academic life is a priority and make sure you have enough time to get done what needs to be done. You'll never regret having a good GPA at the end of freshman year!


Kristy Lauver

Meet Kristy Lauver, Chair, Management + Marketing Department

I spend a lot of my time on student issues related to course scheduling and degree planning. I also monitor course sizes and enrollments in the department to help ensure that students get the classes they need and the talented instructors they deserve. I teach undergraduate classes in Strategic Management and Small Business Consulting. I am the adviser for Beta Gamma Sigma, the internationally recognized honors society for business students. I also conduct research on safety, organizational strategy, and most recently, sustainability.

When I am not working...I spend most of my time with my husband and two children. We enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, swimming, and snowmobiling, and participating in sports like baseball, soccer and go-karting. We also own a small plane which my husband pilots for us.

My best college memories include...Everything-from late night studying to spending time with friends. I still keep in touch with many of my college friends, and remember my experiences in college as great life-long learning opportunities.

My advice to you is to...Find a balance between studying and having fun. Something I didn't learn until my senior year is that if you actually set time aside every day to study, you will also have time every day for fun (and your stress level will be lower and your grades higher).


Paula Lentz

Meet Paula Lentz, Program Director, Business Communication

I ensure that students and our faculty and staff have what they need to do their work. This means that I schedule the classes that are taught each semester, manage course enrollments, and make sure that we have faculty and staff to teach the courses. I teach undergraduate and graduate business writing courses, and have co-authored five textbooks on business communication. I just got back from Germany where I took a student group to interview businesses regarding their HR practices. It was awesome!

When I am not working...I love to read. I will read anything, but I particularly enjoy mystery and suspense fiction by regional authors. I also enjoy playing and listening to all types of music.

My best college memories include...Professors who challenged me, the friends I made who are still my best friends, late-night study groups, extracurricular activities.

My advice to you is to...Get to know your professors. We really do like to see you, and we want to help you with whatever you need. Or just stop by our office and say, "hi".