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Join the Blugold Sales Team

| Gretchen Hutterli

Join an amazing group of students who have an interest in pursuing a career in professional sales.  Being a part of this team will give you a chance to build upon your interpersonal and selling skills by taking part in sales competitions.  You will also have a chance to network with top sales organizations from around the country.

The Blugold Sales Team consistently receives top honors at regional and national sales competitions. View results.  Not surprising -- the UW-Eau Claire professional sales marketing program has been named a Top University Sales Program for the 10th year in a row by the Sales Education Foundation. 

For more information about the UW-Eau Claire Sales Team, contact Jessica Gardner, coach, UW-Eau Claire Department of Management and Marketing.

"YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE GREAT TO START SOMETHING, BUT YOU HAVE TO START SOMETHING TO BE GREAT" - Zig Ziglar, American author, salesperson, and motivational speaker