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Pulatov named 2020 Outstanding Student

| Carrie Ottum

Each academic year, the College of Business faculty and staff choose a graduating senior for the Outstanding Student Award. Students considered for the prestigious award must be graduating seniors who have earned a GPA of 3.2 or higher and graduated in August 2019, December 2019, or May 2020. The student receiving the award should demonstrate great promise and outstanding achievement in his/her chosen field. Personality and involvement in university activities are also important attributes.

Dier Pulatov, senior finance and applied math double major, was selected by the faculty and staff as this year's recipient from a list of 428 students who met the award's GPA requirement. He was presented with the university's medallion by Dean Brewer Doran in a virtual celebration on May 14. His name has also been added to the plaque in Schneider Hall listing past award recipients.

Dier Pulatov receiving Outstanding Senior Award

Dier Pulatov receiving the 2020 College of Business Outstanding Student Award

Pulatov graduated in May with a 3.96 GPA and has accepted a position with Risk Consultant with EY in Minneapolis. 

Meet Dier Pulatov, 2020 COB Outstanding Senior 
Carrie Ottum
, Outreach Program Manager, spoke with Pulatov about receiving the award and his experience at UW-Eau Claire. 

CO: What does it mean to you to receive this award?
DP: Receiving such a high honor has a special meaning for me. Looking back to the beginning of my educational career, I would not have imagined graduating with such a distinction. When I heard Dean Doran awarding me, my entire college life went through my mind: classes, competitions, conferences, an internship at U.S. Bank, and time spent with friends. I reflected upon all that I managed to accomplish in these four years, and receiving this award means that it was all worth it.

CO: Why did you choose to attend UW-Eau Claire and decide to major in finance and applied math?
DP: I fell in love with UW-Eau Claire’s beautiful campus and I knew it would be a great place to focus on my studies. Additionally, my research showed that there are many student organizations and opportunities to grow outside of classes. Finally, I was impressed by the College of Business faculty and how many of them have years of industry-related experience.

I chose finance as a major, because it creates a solid foundation of knowledge in business and offers flexibility to go into many industries. During my internship, I learned that having a quantitative background can be extremely beneficial in a current, technology-driven business world. 

CO: If you can pick one, what is your most memorable experience while at UW-Eau Claire?
DP: There are so many wonderful memories and it is hard to choose one that stands out. Perhaps, one of the most exciting experiences I had was interning at Driehaus Capital Management in Chicago. Interning in this investment firm and pitching a stock to a top investor of the 20th Century, Richard Driehaus, was an invaluable experience that showed me a glimpse of “Wall Street” life. It was beneficial to see the current trends in the investment industry, learn from the top fund managers, and determine what skill sets I need to better prepare myself for a professional career.

CO: What has been the biggest challenge as an international student and how did you overcome it?
DP: The biggest challenge has been being so far away from my family. Not being able to see them for years is emotionally difficult. I am very fortunate and so grateful to the Host Friend Program through which I met my host family. They now have become my American family and over the past four years we have become very close. We spend time together by traveling, exploring the American culture, and attending events. All this has helped me assimilate much faster and I have felt loved and cared for. I am incredibly thankful for that.

CO: Who has been the biggest influence on your college career?
DP: My parents. My father always wanted me to receive the best education. Despite the strained budget and a separation for a long time, they did everything they could to support me. My entire family worked tirelessly, so I could learn English and be able to study here. I made sure to maximize my college experience by studying hard, and utilize all resources available to make our efforts worthwhile. This experience taught me the value of a college education and how to get the best out of anything I do.

CO: What advice do you have for incoming students?
DP: You made the right choice! College sets you up for a professional career, but it is up to you to get a good starting point. UW-Eau Claire CoB has every resource you need and more for you to succeed. Utilize every resource, learn as much as you can, and start building your network right away. The more work you put in, the more value you obtain. Attend those conferences, talk to speakers, join student organizations, challenge yourself in competitions, and you will enjoy your college experience as much as I did!