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Proposed graduate curricular changes in College of Business

Following are proposed graduate curricular changes in the College of Business. If you have questions or objections, contact the Office of Graduate Studies at within 15 days of this notice, posted July 20, 2018.

The online MBA program, offered through the University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium, recently proposed a change to its degree requirements. Effective with the 2018 fall semester, newly admitted students to the MBA degree program (Code 740-801) will not be required to take MBA 715, a one-credit leadership course. Instead, MBA 711 (a revised four-credit required core course) will now incorporate much of the course material from MBA 715. This program change will decrease the number of required core courses from five to four courses (16 core credits will be required); therefore, increasing the number of elective credits by one (14 elective credits will be required).