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COB revises General Education requirements

The College of Business has approved significant changes to the General Education (GE) Requirements. These changes go into effect immediately. If you have questions or would like to make changes to your current schedule after reading the information below, please contact your CADE adviser.

Courses no longer required by the College of Business
  • CJ 202, Fundamentals of Speech
  • Math 111, A Short Course in Calculus.

NOTE: These courses will still count towards the 60 non-business credits. 

Changes to GE Requirements by the College of Business

Category I-Communication and Analytical Skills6 credits. Math 109, Algebra for Calculus, and Math 246, Elementary Statistics. 

  • All business majors: These courses can be used to meet the GE I requirement. You do not have to take Math 109 if you have already taken Math 111.

Category II-Natural Sciences: 9-12 credits. At least once course must be a laboratory science course. 

  • All business majors EXCEPT HCAD majors: You no longer need to select courses from List A and List B. You may take any laboratory science course you wish. 
  • HCAD majors: You must take Biol 151 and 196, and one chemistry course selected from 100, 103, 104, or 115.

Category III-Social Sciences: 9-12 credits. Econ 103, Microeconomics, and Econ 104, Macroeconomics, are still required. 

  • All business majors EXCEPT HCAD majors: Any other GE III courses can be used to satisfy this requirement. You are no longer limited to AIS/Anth 161; Geog 111, 155: Pols 122, 265, 346; Psych 100; Soc 101; Indis 201. 
  • HCAD majors: You must take Psych 100 in addition to Econ 103 and 104.

Category IV-Humanities: 9-12 credits

  • All business majors: You are no longer required to take courses in at least two different Humanities subcategories. For example, you now may take all Cat. IV credits in history.