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COB makes important policy changes

The College of Business has made two important policy changes. It has eliminated its undergraduate admission requirement, and it has dropped the unique credit requirement for students completing multiple business majors, minors or certificates. These changes go into effect immediately. See below for detailed information.

Both changes will positively impact business students by making it easier for them to complete their degree program in a timely manner.

Questions? Please feel free to discuss these changes during your advising appointment. You can also talk to an advisor during the CADE walk-in hours on  Mondays, from 2-4 pm, and Thursdays, from 8-10 am.

College of Business Admission

The College of Business has eliminated its admission requirements. This change is effective immediately.

More specifically, students no longer need to

  • Complete an application for admission to the College of  Business.
  • Achieve a 2.6 cumulative GPA and a 2.2 GPA in the pre-core courses prior to taking their advanced business courses.

Students still need to

  • Earn and maintain the University GPA requirement of at least a 2.0. NOTE: Accounting students need to maintain a 2.5 GPA to graduate.
  • Complete the Student Professional Development Program workshops. Students are strongly encouraged to complete them by the end of sophomore year.
  • Complete ECON 103 &104, ACCT 201 and IS 240 as required prerequisites for BUSCORE classes. However, certain courses will still have an earned credit prerequisite. 

Unique Credit Requirement

Students no longer need to complete 12 unique credits when completing an additional business major, minor or certificate. Any student meeting the stated requirements for a major, minor, or certificate will be awarded that program. This change is effective immediately and retroactive to all catalog years