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Beta Alpha Psi named Organization of the Month

| Justin Mack

Beta Alpha Psi was named the organization of the month of October for the entire UW-Eau Claire campus! BAP is the National Honor Society for Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems. BAP is deserving of this award because of the large events that they have put on for both the on-campus and off-campus communities recently. During October, BAP held two events: School Supply Donations to Lakeshore Elementary School and Dennis Beale’s Presentation on the Power of Perception. In addition throughout November, BAP has been partnering with Blu’$ Gold, Wipfli, and US Bank to do financial literacy workshops this November.

When asked about BAP's recent success, Brandon Simonis, President, replied, "The reason Beta Alpha Psi Zeta Omicron Chapter has been having great success lately is due to our members. Members of BAP have been dedicated, willing to give a helping hand, and have putting a lot of effort toward our large events. The events we are putting on are from the ideas and interest of our members, allowing their passion to be shown through their time and effort preparing for these events."

They also contribute their success to partnering with other organizations on campus to achieve more. For example, the Financial Literacy Workshops were hosted in partnership with Blu$ Gold and US Bank to provide the first financial literacy event on campus. Through those collaborations with other organizations, they were able to provide a wider variety of topics for students on campus, which led to a larger turnout. Overall, the success for BAP has been coming from the members’ dedication and them really buying into the idea of making a positive impact on the community.

About Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi Zeta Omicron Chapter (hereby referred as BAP) is the National Honor Society for Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems. Membership in this fraternity is highly regarded among those in the financial information professions. Recruiters view membership in Beta Alpha Psi as a reflection of your involvement, motivation, and scholastic aptitude. BAP's goals are to promote close ties with business and to serve the community, faculty, and student body.