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The COB Alumni Bash is back!

| Gretchen Hutterli

It's been too long since we've gotten together . . .

Meet fellow Blugolds and your favorite faculty members at the UW-Eau Claire COB Alumni Bash.  It will be like old times -- lots of camaraderie, complimentary snacks and beer, and Blugold swag. We will also update you on events around the college, and introduce you to the Faculty Excellence Fund, a new opportunity started by COB alums that encourages Blugolds to give back and show our faculty how much they are valued and appreciated.

Special thanks to SportsEngine for hosting this year's Bash. SportsEngine is located in the Highlight Center in Northeast Minneapolis. The Highlight Center has two large off street parking lots where attendees can park after 5 pm. NOTE: COB Bash attendees may park in the Highlight Center lots during the event (no parking pass is needed). On street parking is also available.

Register now! Spread the word!

Questions? Contact Gretchen Hutterli, Assistant Dean, at 715-836-5930.

Some of the faculty/staff attending this year's Bash . . .

Joe Bonner, Ken De Meuse, Bob Erffmeyer, Jess Gardner, Sheril Gilberstadt, Cindy Hofacker, Gretchen Hutterli, Tony Keys, Dennis Knutson, Jim La Barre, Scott Lester, Lucretia Mattson, Tom Mihajlov, Bill Miller, Abe Nahm, Bill Ogden, Doug Olson, DeeAnne Peterson, Jean Pratt, Roger Selin, Pedro Sottile, Scott Swanson, Tim Vaughan, Tiffany Weiss, Terry Wells