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Why UWEC? Ask these nine siblings ... really, nine.

| Denise Olson

Imagine that you are parents raising nine smart, talented and curious children who all plan to attend college. It makes a person’s head spin a bit, right? Well, in the life of Jay and Nancy Soldner of La Crosse, this was their reality in 1995. Finding one college that would fit all of their kids’ needs and personalities was not even an option on their radar — not a chance. However, the first to graduate from high school, Stephanie, chose to attend UW-Eau Claire. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Please watch the video above and meet the Soldners, a Blugold legacy family with a great story to tell about how their nine kids all became Blugolds. John, the youngest, is currently a junior management major and is proud to say that he is following in the footsteps of his eight alumni siblings. As his brother Joseph says, “Eau Claire had a lot to live up to” in his mind after hearing about his siblings' successful experiences, and we delivered all that and more.

Thank you to all the Soldners for taking the time this holiday season to share your family journey in this video. Go Blugolds!! 

Photo caption: The Soldner family, from the left are:
Stephanie Gauger '99, education
Anna Soldner '14, journalism
Jay and Nancy Soldner
Michael Soldner '06, Spanish
Julie Soldner '07, English education
John Soldner, junior, marketing
Mary Ann Christ '05, nursing
Joseph Soldner '10, organizational communication

Not pictured:
James Soldner, '02, psychology
Charles Soldner, '11, Spanish