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'Color' to be theme of Art AND Science program exhibition, events

UW-Eau Claire’s Art AND Science program will present “Color,” an exhibition that will run Oct. 20-Nov. 15 and a series of weekly events including individual performances, seminars and lectures, all to be held in the university’s Foster Gallery in the Haas Fine Arts Center.

“Color” begins with an opening reception at 7 p.m. Oct. 20. The opening event will feature the scientists and artists who created the exhibition pieces, short reflections on color from UW-Eau Claire creative writing students, live color printing demonstrations from Ambient Inks, and food and music.

“Unlike a traditional art exhibition, ‘Color’ brings together the work of UW-Eau Claire faculty and community members to prompt the viewer to reflect on how a wide range of scientists and artists think about and use color in their work,” said Dr. Matthew Jewell, associate professor of materials science and engineering and a member of the Art AND Science program steering committee. “There are traditional art gallery pieces, but also interactive elements like experiments centered around an infrared camera, a high-speed software package that ‘interprets’ a color image in front of it in real-time, and a coloring wall for kids and adults.”

The following events will explore the Art AND Science event’s “Color” theme throughout the run of the Foster Gallery exhibit. All events begin at 7 p.m. in UW-Eau Claire’s Foster Gallery:

  • Oct. 20 — “Color” opening reception: Meet the scientists and artists behind the pieces in the “Color” exhibition, hear UW-Eau Claire creative writing students’ short reflections on color, and more.
  • Oct. 27 — Dramatic reading of “The Colour out of Space”: UW-Eau Claire student performers will read this science fiction/horror short story by American author H.P. Lovecraft. The evening also will include a live production by Blugold Radio.
  • Nov. 3 — “Observing Color: An Artist’s Approach”: Tiit Raid, a UW-Eau Claire professor emeritus of art & design, will reflect on the role of color in his artwork.
  • Nov. 10 — “Color Through the Ages”: UW-Eau Claire chemistry professor David Lewis will share how the chemistry and technology of color has developed over the years.
  • Nov. 15 — “Painting The Music Exploring Shared Language and Connections in the Arts”: Painter Mary Pettis, an expressive realist, will explore connections between music and color. Pettis has exhibited her works widely, including at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and collectors of her work reach across the globe. She is recognized as a respected speaker, teacher and mentor in the upper Midwest and internationally.

The Art AND Science program, now in its fourth year, celebrates the common driving force behind the sciences and the arts: curiosity. In an effort to increase cross-disciplinary engagement, the program’s steering committee plans events that explore how an understanding of the universe through the application of the scientific method is deeply linked in multiple ways to the expression of art in its multiple forms.

The Art AND Science program is sponsored by the UW-Eau Claire Foundation. Members of the program’s steering committee are Dr. Matthew Jewell, associate professor of materials science and engineering; Dr. Paul Thomas, professor of physics and astronomy; Dr. Jack Bushnell, professor of English; Dr. Jim Rybicki, assistant professor of physics and astronomy; Christos Theo, professor and chair of art & design; and Jill Olm, associate professor of art & design.