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Art AND Science: Dedicated Desire and Unmatched Reason

| Joey Gesteland

Art AND Science 2016 Event Poster

The sciences and the arts are often seen as polar ends of the creative spectrum, when in fact they are connected by a common thread: curiosity. The scientist and the artist are equally curious about the unseen dynamics that have shaped the world, whether physically or within the human imagination.  They are driven by a passion for knowledge and meaning and, while the expressions may differ, both the scientist and the artist are explorers, pushing our limits of understanding of our place in the universe.  As part of an ongoing effort at UWEC to increase cross-disciplinary engagement, faculty and students from English, Theatre and several science programs have developed an evening of dramatic readings and informative presentations that showcase humankind's creative journey of discovery — whether on a canvas, or a stage, in a laboratory, or in the field.  Art AND Science.

This year we will be presenting a reader’s theatre of excerpts from four different science plays, along with transitional contextual (“bridge”) explanations, all performed by students. The plays to be read from are:

  • The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence by Madeleine George (about artificial intelligence).
  • Silent Sky by Lauren Gunderson (about astronomy).
  • Copenhagen by Michael Frayn (about uncertainty & nuclear physics).
  • Picasso at the Lapin Agile by Steve Martin (Picasso meets Einstein).