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a head for research AND a heart for dance

| Judy Berthiaume

Working alongside faculty mentors on complex research projects that touch on important societal issues has given Jody Herrmann opportunities and inspiration as she’s honed her research skills and identified her niche in the broad field of psychology. Through her research, Jody has had opportunities to present at international conferences alongside graduate students, professors and medical professionals, experiences she describes as both inspiring and humbling. Her faculty research mentors are helping her prepare to pursue her professional goals, which include eventually working as a teacher and researcher in a university setting. While she values the academic and research experiences she’s had as a Blugold, she’s also thankful for the many opportunities she’s had to nurture her artistic side. A psychology major and dance minor, Jody is an accomplished dancer and choreographer, performing on campus and in the community. She’s performed with Danceworks, a pre-professional dance troupe that brings in choreographers from across the country, and she’s participated in The Dance Exchange, a dance concert choreographed, performed and produced by students. In the community, she’s choreographed for high school and community theater groups and show choirs, and has participated in social dance events such as Two to Tango and Salsa Clara. A long-time dancer, the senior has added choreographer and stage manager to her resume since arriving on campus. As she looks ahead to graduate school, Jody plans to continue her research as well as her dance. She hopes to perform, but also to teach dance and choreograph for others. By combining two seemingly opposite types of education and experiences — the scientific and the artistic — Jody says she’s able to take the skills she develops in one area and use them to her advantage in the other. The Honors student says both her research and her dance will be important to her future personal and professional success. As a Blugold with a head for research AND a heart for dance, Jody Herrmann is pursuing her dual passions for the arts and the sciences … and that’s pretty powerful!