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pharmacy AND public health

Alex Craker 2014
UW-Eau Claire chemistry graduate 

After graduating from UW-Eau Claire, I went on to study at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota-Duluth to get my Doctor of Pharmacy degree. During my first semester, we discussed the importance of the pharmacist as a public health practitioner and how you needed to incorporate more of the patient into their medical history than just their medication therapies. I had taken a public health class at UWEC, which is actually what led me to go on to pharmacy school, and found the material to be quite interesting. Due to my prior interest in public health from UWEC undergrad, and from the discussions we had in pharmacy school, I decided to also pursue my master of public health degree through the dual degree program offered through the University of Minnesota. By obtaining these two graduate degrees simultaneously, I can be better equipped in the future as a pharmacist who can treat their patients collectively rather than just as single medical conditions. Ideally, this will lead to my patients receiving better health outcomes and better general wellbeing. 

UW-Eau Claire chemistry graduate Alex Craker is now studying pharmacy AND public health so he can better meet the needs of his future patients … AND that's pretty powerful.