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CHAASE Hosts Annual Fall Forum "Hospitality Across the Continuum"

Thursday, September 13, 2018 marked the date of the Center for Health Administration and Aging Services Excellence (CHAASE) Fall Forum, titled “Hospitality Across the Continuum of Health and Aging Services.” The Center welcomed three experienced panelists to discuss the importance of hospitality practices in the field of health and aging services. The three panelists were David Miller, Brooke Hollis, and Rich Deahn.


David Miller is currently the Executive Director at Friendship Village of Bloomington, MN; Brooke Hollis is the Associate Director of the Sloan Program and the Institute for Healthy Futures at Cornell University; and Rich Deahn has spent over 30 years working in the hospitality and culinary sector of senior care. Each panelist brought forward their unique experiences and background in the hospitality and health care industries to provide insight, tips, and knowledge for the audience. Dr. Kevin Hansen, assistant professor of health care administration, served as the moderator.


Attendees were able to learn more about implementing effective hospitality practices across the continuum of senior care, and the impact of hospitality practices for residents in senior care and housing today.  Panelists discussed the current environment and use of hospitality in senior care settings, the differences in hospitality practices across care settings (e.g., nursing homes vs. assisted living communities), and challenges on the horizon for care communities to implement more hospitality services within their sites.  The panelists discussed numerous hospitality practices that care communities should carefully consider:  dining services, hiring and training of new staff members, programs to welcome older adults upon arrival and ensure they feel prepared to leave upon discharge, evaluation of resident and family member satisfaction, ensuring choice and customized services for each resident, and the overall culture of customer service and hospitality provided to residents and their family members.


The Forum was held by CHAASE in partnership with the Department of Economics, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and the Institute for Health Sciences.  Other partners included the Wisconsin Health Care Association/Wisconsin Center for Assisted Living and LeadingAge Wisconsin.