Success Starts Here: Getting off to a good start!

| Gretchen Hutterli

"Success Starts Here" is a series of six articles that introduce new students to the UW-Eau Claire College of Business. This is the last article in the series.

Getting off to a good start

This fall the College of Business welcomes 391 new business freshmen and 111 transfer students. If they are anything like past classes, they are eager to begin their college career and experience everything it has to offer. Because your success is important to us, we have asked our business faculty and staff for tips you can use to help make your first year a great one.

Advice from some of our COB faculty & staff

Mark Alfurth, Accounting & Finance
Get involved! Meet as many people as you can, get involved in student orgs, start a study group, participate in your classes. HAVE FUN! But  remember the primary reason you are here — to prepare for your future through education.

Dr. Raj Aroskar, Accounting & Finance
Be open to new people and ideas. Ask questions and listen to a variety of viewpoints before forming judgments. Having an open mind will help you gain a more complete picture of the people you meet and the world you live in.

Faith Bogstad, Dean's Office
Don’t be afraid to ask a question – from anyone! Whether it’s directions or information - we can at least direct you to who you need to speak to!

Dr. Kranti Dugar, Management & Marketing
A substantial part of your work and learning at CoB will appear as teamwork, which should put you in good stead for your careers. When part of a team, demand and strive for ROLE CLARITY. A team with clear roles communicates, delivers, learns, and performs better.

Emily Elsner Twesme, Business Communication
Do somethings that scares you – take a healthy risk! NOW is the time in your life to try new things.

Dale Fenton, Academic Advising
Ask questions early and often. Smart and effective students seek out information and ask for help when needed.

Jessica Franson, iDocs
Take time to dive down “internet rabbit holes” during their academic career. Learn to investigate beyond what you encounter in your textbooks and course materials. Ask questions, consider new perspectives, read articles, engage with experts on social media, watch videos. Remember to exercise caution when validating reputable sources of information. Starting these habits now will extend your learning experience well after receiving your diploma.

Jessica Gardner, Management & Marketing, Blugold Sales Team
Be willing to go outside of your comfort zone and try new things. Now is the time to find something you are passionate about -- there are so many ways on our campus to get involved. Find at least one new thing that you want to do your first year and do it!

Dr. Kevin Hansen, Health Care Administration
Relax. Deep breaths. You will make it through this . . . Take time to study, do your homework, but also take time for YOU, to de-stress, enjoy all of the Blugold experience, and make friends.

Dr. Nancy Hanson-Rasmussen, Management & Marketing
Attend class! Resist the temptation to skip a class. Not only do you gain valuable information in class, but you also get to know fellow students and develop friendships. The more people you get to know in a class, the more fun it is.

Dr. Tom Hilton, Information Systems
Always remember the faculty want you to graduate and have a great life. Rely on us as your allies.

Cindy Hofacker, Business Communication
Stay in touch with your family; however, work to make your own decisions and deal with your minor challenges. College is preparation for life.

Gretchen Hutterli, Dean's Office
Get to know the people on your dorm floor. Many Blugolds have made lifelong friendships with students they met their freshman year.

Dr. Tony Keys, Information Systems
You’ll never regret a good freshman GPA – engage with your courses, do a good job and you’ll still have time for all the university offers.

Bonnie Krahn, Dean's Office, IMC
Enjoy your time as a student! You’ll have the rest of your life to “adult.” If I could go back in time to when I first started college, I would spend less time worrying about my future and more time in the present, experiencing all the fun that college life has to offer.

Dr. Kristy Lauver, Management & Marketing
Make sure to get involved.  Talk to your professors - they are here to help you.  Keep your grades up - it's much easier to keep your GPA up than have to bring it back up.

Dr. Paula Lentz, Business Communication
Get to know your professors. We really do like to see you, and we want to help you with whatever you need. Or just stop by our office and say, "hi".

Major Matthew B. Kelly, Management & Marketing
Prioritize your time - stay on top of your school work and make sure to work in some time for fun.

Jerry Kollross, Management & Marketing
Get involved with a professional student organization as a freshman. You will meet new people, connect with the faculty, and network with companies that hire interns and full-time employees.

Tom Mihajlov, Accounting & Finance
Teachers hate “surprises”! If you have an issue—like you have to miss class due to an important family event—advise the professor BEFORE the event not AFTER. Most professors will be reasonable if the event is valid and significant.

Dr. Bill Miller, Accounting & Finance
Regularly go and speak to your professors outside of class. We are here to help. In my experience the students who do seek us out, do better in school than those who don’t.

Dave Nesvacil, COB Instructional Technology
Your laptop will be an important and essential tool during your time here on campus. Have good antivirus software, perform backups, and keep it up to date. Don't forget to utilize your network drives! All students get 2GB of storage for their personal H: drive, and it is backed up twice a day. Finally, never give out your UWEC password under any circumstances! If an email looks suspicious, delete it! 

Dr. Brent Opall, Management & Marketing
College is a great time to build character. Surround yourself with people you admire and respect and spend free hours exploring organizations that build character and allow you to develop leadership skills.

Dr. Jean Pratt,  Dean's Office
Get to know at least one faculty member really well each semester. We really want to get to know you. The value we can provide along the way in the form of reference letters later will really benefit you.

John Reichert, Academic Advising
Transition and change affects everyone differently. If you are struggling reach out to someone. We are all here to help you be successful.

Erik Rotvold, Academic Advising
Meet with your adviser before you are required to do so for registration. Don't be surprised if her or she isn't the person you met during summer orientation. And we've moved! Come visit us in Old Library 2100.

Ann Rupnow, Entrepreneur Program
Use your college experience to become a critical thinker or to advance critical thinking skills you already have. In addition, remember the value of meeting people and creating relationships. It’s a lifelong practice that requires tending, and enriches life – both professionally and personally.

Dr. Scott Swanson, Management & Marketing
GO TO CLASS, do the readings and keep up with the work, use your campus resources and your professors if you need help.

Brenda Thalacker, Accounting & Finance
Visit your professors during their office hours early in the semester. This helps them put a name to your face. And, you’ll feel more comfortable going to their office when you do have a question.

Dr. Tim Vaughan, Dean's Office
Come to college ready to explore and take advantage of as many opportunities as you can. This is a time in your life that provides great opportunity, and little real penalty for trying things that are out of your comfort zone. You are here to learn, but not all of that learning is going to occur in your classes.

Tiffany Weiss, Dean's Office
It’s cool to ask for help in college! Your professors are amazing. See them right away if you have any questions or concerns.

Introducing the Class of 2021! Meet your classmates, business faculty, staff, advisors, and student leaders, Tuesday, September 5 from 2-3:30 pm in the Davies Center Ojibwe Ballroom. Watch your email for more details.