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Hinz named Outstanding Business Communication Student

Jason Hinz, a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire marketing major from Oregon, WI, is the recipient of the 2014 Outstanding Business Communication Student Award. He will graduate in May 2014.

The Outstanding Business Communication Student Award is presented annually to a senior who demonstrates excellent oral, written, and interpersonal skills; has achieved high grades in business communication courses; and has completed (or is in the process of completing) the Advanced Business Communication Certificate.

Hinz, who has always enjoyed writing, is a business writing tutor in the Business Communication department’s Business Writing and Presentation Studio. He also writes blogs for a number of small business clients. He was recently hired as the internet marketing coordinator for Mason Companies, Inc. Located in Chippewa Falls, WI, Mason Companies is the largest mail order footwear company in the world and the 150th largest e-commerce retailer in the United States. 

"Jason represents an ideal business communicator,” said Dr. Paula Lentz, chair of the Department of Business Communication. “Whether he is interacting with classmates, tutoring in the Business Writing and Presentations Studio, preparing for a job interview, or blogging for his clients, he demonstrates polished, professional communication skills that will be an asset to any organization.”

For more information about the Outstanding Business Communication Student Award, contact Dr. Paula Lentz, director, UW-Eau Claire Business Communication Program.

Meet Jason Hinz, 2014 Outstanding Business Communication Student

Jason Hinz uses what he has learned in his business communication courses every day, whether he is working on a group project with classmates or touching base with a professor via email.

“I learned pretty quickly how important communication is in an academic setting, especially since many of my upper-level business classes have focused on working in teams,” said Hinz. “Knowing how to communicate well both orally and in writing helps me clarify ideas and manage multiple teams at the same time.”

In addition to helping him with his studies, Hinz is already using information from his business communication classes to help him write professionally. Currently he writes weekly blogs for a handful of small businesses to help them attract new clients and build a community of customers. He has also done some freelance writing for a number of magazines.

Hinz admits that he never really studied sentence structure until he took a business writing class.  

“My blogging has improved as a result of those classes,” he said. “They have also given me a ton of valuable experience creating professional-quality articles on a deadline.”

Hinz believes the transition from student to professional should be a smooth one for him.

“I already understand what is expected in a business setting in terms of communication,” he said. I am already used to communicating with my peers and professors professionally, so nothing should come as a surprise.”