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Campus parking changes coming this summer for current students, faculty and staff

| Julie Poquette

Changes to on-campus parking for students, faculty and staff will be in effect this spring and summer due to the upcoming Garfield Avenue redevelopment project at UW-Eau Claire. (See related story.)

“With the launch of this very extensive project, we have planned some new summer parking configurations on lower campus,” said Nikki Andrews, director of student services in Blugold Central. “Our focus is on continuing to serve our current students, faculty and staff who rely on campus parking services, while helping to ensure that we provide our visiting admitted students the best campus experience possible.”

Putnam lot closure

The first parking change will be the closure of the Putnam parking lot as of March 20. The Putnam lot will be the main construction staging area for the Garfield Avenue project, and crews will begin setup in that area during spring break week (March 20-24). Beginning March 20, students with “R” permits who previously parked in the Putnam lot must instead park in “R” stalls in the Towers, Oak Ridge or Bridgman lots on upper campus.

Because the Putnam lot location will be developed into a new outdoor classroom as part of the Garfield Avenue project, the lot closure in March will be permanent.

Summer parking changes

Key dates and summer parking changes for students, faculty and staff with “S” and “F” permits are as follows:

  • May 22 — The UW-Eau Claire footbridge closes for the summer to make way for construction on the bridge.
    Due to the footbridge closure, parking stalls previously reserved only for “F” or “S” permit holders in the Human Sciences and Services (HSS), Water Street, and Hibbard lots will be open to both “F” and “S” permit holders. ADA-accessible parking and stalls for “G” permit holders will remain unchanged.
  • June 12 — New student orientation begins, with the Phillips lot as the designated parking area for admitted students and their families. Therefore, during orientation the Phillips lot will not be available to current students, faculty and staff with “S” and “F” permits. (ADA-accessible parking and stalls for “G” permit holders in the Phillips lot will remain unchanged during orientation.)
  • June 26 — Fifty stalls for use by “F” and “S” parking permit holders will again become available in the Phillips lot.
  • July 3 — An additional 185 stalls for use by “F” and “S” parking permit holders will again become available in the Phillips lot.
  • Sept. 5 — The campus footbridge reopens. As campus readies for the start of fall 2017 classes, the campus footbridge will reopen, and parking in the Phillips and Hibbard lots will return to the configurations from the spring 2017 semester. Stalls in the HSS and Water Street lots will remain available to both “F” and “S” permit holders (with ADA-accessible parking remaining unchanged).

ADA-accessible parking

While some ADA-accessible parking stalls in the Putnam parking lot and along Garfield Avenue near Putnam and Katherine Thomas halls will no longer be available as of March 20, additional ADA-accessible stalls are being made available in the Phillips lot and in former metered stalls along Roosevelt Avenue to the south of Schneider Hall.

Individuals who have both a ADA-accessible parking permit or license plates and a valid UW-Eau Claire parking permit may park in any "F", "S" or "R" space, reserved disabled space or any two- or three-hour metered space.

Lower campus shuttle service

Because the university footbridge is a direct route for students, faculty and staff between the north and south sides of lower campus, an early morning and late afternoon shuttle service will be available with stops at the university’s Water Street and HSS parking lots and Centennial Hall. The shuttle service will be available May 22 through June 30, and will run from 7-9 a.m. and 3-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Additional student/faculty/staff parking options

Students, faculty or staff wishing to purchase parking permits over the summer may want to consider the available alternatives to annual “S” or “F” permits. Daily “S” and “F” permits for $5, as well as 30-day “S” and “F” permits for $29.00, also are available.

Students, faculty and staff with “S” and “F” permits are reminded that they may park in “R” spaces on upper campus when designated “S” and “F” stalls on lower and upper campus are full.

For more information

Find more information on the Parking and Transportation website and by calling Blugold Central at 715-836-3000.