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There is no limit for December 2017 Art & Design B.F.A. graduates

Opening Friday, December 1, graduates in the Department of Art & Design's B.F.A. program will be exhibiting their work in the Foster Gallery. The theme for their UWEC capstone show is "Limitless".

From Dec. 1 through Dec. 17, artwork from eight graduating seniors will be on display. Visitors from campus and the community are welcome to come celebrate their success at the reception on Saturday, December 9 from 2:00-4:00 pm.

Andrew Walde is an Illustration major from Eleva, Wisconsin. He will be exhibiting World Master, an 18-page visual fantasy story, along with five supporting images. Walde describes his work as "an allegory on the consequences of nuclear warfare. My influences for my work include the Jim Henson film The Dark Crystal, the writings of Neil Gaiman, and fantasy illustrations by John Howe and Justin Gerard."

Nancy Lor is an Illustration major from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She will be exhibiting a series of digital paintings called Mythical Creatures. Lor's work explores a fascination around the idea of magical creatures existing in the real world and how they would be treated in relationship to animals that already exist. She uses a combination of mythology and environmental/animal issues to question the viewer.

Chiemi Freund is a Graphic Design major from Tokyo, Japan. She will be exhibiting Me & Typography - multiple story panels that utilize typography for her own expression. The story panels are accompanied by a website that animate her process and provide additional background on Typography. A subtitle for her series is "I introduce Typography. Typography introduces me." Freund states, "Having seen many examples of interesting/exciting typography through my graphic design study, I am inspired to create my own typographic images."

Christine Sydow is a Drawing + Painting major from Round Lake, Minnesota. Sydow writes, "My work is an embodiment of the thin grasp we have on the world around us. We may try to seize control over it, but we can never gain full power. However, instead of being pessimistic of this matter, we must learn to experience the masterpiece of art found in the world around us." She will be exhibiting a light sculpture along with a series of digital paintings "created from experiencing a place throughout time."

Elly West is a Photography major from Turtle Lake, Wisconsin. She will be exhibiting a photography series called Desolation. West states, "My work is a self-portrait series about my experiences with dreams and failures. I wanted to portray a world that shows my struggles on making my dreams come true. My images have a sense of darkness and strong emotions, which is how I view my life. My past and struggles are the biggest influence on my work. I tend to focus on the light & darkness in this world and surreal photography in general."

Brannon Jordan is a Graphic Design major from New Brighton, Minnesota. In his work Beauty Through Design, is a series of halftone images composed of colored dots, influenced by the work of Stephen Horgon and the first use of photographic images in print media. Jordan says his work looks "like dots and shapes when viewed up close, but when viewed from a distance, the images and message is clear."

Molly Mortimer is a Graphic Design major from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She will be exhibiting A book of Wit and Wisdom along with supporting pages from the book. Mortimer says "I am an avid collector of tangible and intangible things... I've always been drawn to text and image relationships, how they function interdependently in good design to communicate with the viewer. My hope is to create a piece that speaks to my viewers effectively and in a meaningful way, that reaches deeper than image or text could on its own to evoke different emotions."

Angela Hazen is a Sculpture major and will be exhibiting It Could Have Been Worse and The Sacrifice. Her work allows you to step into her story. Hazen writes, "Since last June I have faced many choices as I journeyed through the emotions and physical limitations of having breast cancer. The making of my art for the last year and a half has helped me cope with the struggles I faced."