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Spring 2018 B.F.A. seniors capstone featured in Foster Gallery

Five Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) candidates will be exhibiting their capstone work in the Foster Gallery from April 27 through May 13. Learn more about each of our graduating seniors!

Lily Anderson is from La Crosse, WI and is studying photography. She will be exhibiting large format photographs. Anderson’s series examines the way light and color can be used to highlight, abstract, and distort the human body. Each photograph displays ways of altering the figure by painting with light, while the color changes the tone and mood of each scene.

Jordan Hyland is from Green Bay, WI and is studying graphic design. He will be exhibiting a series of 26 digital prints. Jordan states “I always strive to create works that are creative, yet concise. I like to think of each of my prints as minimalistic collages – pairing line-drawings, photographs, and letterforms into stable compositions. I'm interested in art and design being an interdisciplinary study; it can talk about and explore anything in the universe – literally. I have always been astounded by space and even more by those who actually understood what was happening out there. With creating my work, I was able to finish with a little more knowledge of design, as well as astronomy. I am thankful for art and design exposing me to things I may not otherwise be able to explore and I hope my work takes people on a journey through the infinite universe.”

Sierra Lomo is from Racine, WI and is studying illustration. She will be exhibiting three series, two of which are digital paintings and the remaining series consists of watercolor-based paintings. All three are based on her personal experiences, particularly living in Southern California and living with chronic illness. Lomo states “ I draw most of my influences from contemporary illustrators as well as nature. Examples of artists that I follow closely include: Teagan White, James Jean, Victo Ngcu, Yuko Shimizu, Isabelle Arsenault, and countless more contemporary illustrators. I often find myself dealing with nature as subject matter because it's been a lifelong interest of mine in addition to my love for creatures of all kinds. I enjoy moving between stylized depictions of people and animals and more naturalistic depictions. My artwork is often a place where I try to educate my audience through exploring themes that are important to me like medicine/healthcare, environmental issues and even my own personal struggles.”

Mikaela Nummerdor is from Mayville, WI and is studying photography. She will be exhibiting abstract photographs of manipulated Polaroid images.  Nummerdor states ”My art is very process driven. What I mean by that is I am more interested in the process of creating the image than the concept behind the images. Due to this nature, my photographs tend to be very abstract; focusing most on formal elements. Glitch art has heavily influenced how I work, and I hope that comes through in my photos.”

Zachary Oliphant is from Eau Claire, WI and is studying photography. He will be exhibiting a large scale reflective autostereogram. Oliphant’s work examines our perception of reality through the rejection of self and the two-dimensional picture plane.