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Senior Students Start Graphic Design Club

In Haas you will notice that there is an expanding number of students working in Graphic Design classrooms. The Graphic Design/Communications major is flourishing, but in wake of this expansion, two seniors noticed something was missing. Graphic Design Seniors Jordan Munson and Oliver Soto wanted to see this same passion for graphic design flourish outside of the classroom. Jordan and Oliver  wanted to promote keeping talented artists intrigued and motivated to further their talents and skills in becoming fantastic designers. Their goal was met with praise and a desire to assist from two fellow senior design students, Roy Cranston and Richie Roth. With a few weeks of discussion, enough people supported the idea of starting a club for keeping those intrigued with the world of design to stay dedicated to their craft. With an agreement and resolve and with the help of faculty advisor Hyungjoo A. Kim, the Graphic Design Club was born.
Graphic Design Club has become one of a few student organizations that are solely based in the Department of Art and Design. The goal of the club is to create a unique design culture outside of the classroom. One that inhabits the students’ community, and eventually branching into the Eau Claire community. The Graphic Design Club offers a place for design students, as well as non-majors that are simply interested in the subject, to come together and share their knowledge and experience. The weekly meetings consist of skill-improving exercises, design-based discussion, group critiques, professional development, and a welcoming social environment. This ranges from discussing major company brand redesigns, to learning how to better master tools in Adobe Creative Suite, to giving third-party constructive criticism on both class and personal work, to better improving our own sense of selling ourselves and our workpromoting our creativity and dedication to the professional world of public visual communication.
We pride ourselves in being a humble collective willing to assist our peers in succeeding at their work in the best way possible. Although we are a relatively new organization, we encourage those interested in graphic design or design in general to come join us in building the culture. Being a part of the club now means being able to help your peers guide the club in a good direction, one that benefits both the members and surrounding communities greatly. If you are interested in joining us, there are no prior fees needed to join, all we ask is for your consistent commitment. If the club sounds intriguing to you, we meet in Haas Fine Arts Center, HFA219 on Fridays at 3 P.M. Hope to see you there!