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Fall 2020 BFA exhibition

| Amanda Bulger

The Foster Gallery is pleased to present the capstone projects of Art & Design Fall 2020 Bachelor of Fine Arts senior students. This exhibition will be open to the campus November 23-25, 10am-4:30pm, and 28-29, 1-4:30pm. Students featured include Seaann Nuetzmann and Julia Stadler, as well as Spring 2020 BFA graduates, Katie Mattis and Sarah Jo Ferraro. 

Seaann Artwork

Seaann Nuetzmann, Black Light Bodies

Seaann Nuetzmann is a photography BFA candidate from Augusta, Wisconsin. Her work includes nine inkjet photographs on archival paper that depict how nude human bodies interact with each other though blacklights and body paint. The photographs express a range of emotion through gentle touch to kinky grasps.

Julia Stadler artwrok

Julia Stadler, Major Arcana detail

Julia Stadler is an illustration BFA candidate from Black Creek, Wisconsin. Julia is exhibiting a set of 22 tarot cards, covering the Major Arcana (the trump cards of a tarot deck). In addition to the tarot cards, Julia is exhibiting some large watercolor paintings, ceramic plates, cups, and a ceramic sculpture. Julia says, "My art often has a narrative or character-driven quality. I work in a variety of media, both physical and digital. I tend to have a “cartoon-y” style, but I also love to work in more painterly or semi-realistic styles, and I especially love to blend the two. My inspiration comes from nature, spirituality, animation and comics, art history, my journals, women, queer theory and queer existence, and my relationships with myself, my thoughts and emotions, and the people in my life."

Katie Mattis BFA image

Katie Mattis, Plum Dots

Katie Mattis was a ceramics BFA graduate in the spring from Hudson, Wisconsin. Katie's work was produced during her last year at UWEC and features functional ceramics, with crisp elegant lines and delicate features being the focal point. When asked what she has been doing since spring graduation, Katie said "I am currently working in a plasma clinic to help with Covid-19 recovery efforts. As ceramics is rather messy and needs lots of equipment, I have been unable to continue my ceramic works but instead have been dabbling in printmaking and painting!" 

Sarah Jo BFA image

Sarah Jo Ferraro, Healing Vision No. I

Sarah Jo Ferraro was a photography BFA graduate in the spring from Edgerton, Wisconsin. Sarah Jo is exhibiting videos from a multimedia installation that capture the entire space as well as the music and dance performances that were improvised inside of the installation. Sarah Jo describes the  pieces as "a fantasy theme where the duality of healing exists harmoniously (light/dark, pain/beauty). The trauma of sexual assault influenced this piece." Sarah Jo said, "I'm working at a photographic print shop in Madison, WI and trying to decide if I want to pursue a masters degree in art or Ayurveda. I’m going through my college notebooks and collecting/collaging ideas together to use for more text based art projects."

This exhibition combines upcoming graduates with recent alums for an arresting display of dedication, proficiency and creativity in spite of Covid-19. Don't miss your chance to view this work in person. Unable to visit the gallery at this time? - A gallery tour video is available to help our campus and community stay connected while sheltering in place. 


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