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Foster Gallery presents 'Responsibly Crazy — The Spring '19 BFA Bunch'

| Amanda Bulger

Siri Stensberg art for 2019 BFA Senior Exhibit

"Third Time's the Charm" (oil on canvas) by UW-Eau Claire BFA candidate Siri Stensberg

Art by Andrea Fischer for May 2019 BFA Senior Exhibition

"Fur-niture" (mixed media) by UW-Eau Claire BFA candidate Andrea Fischer

Art by Heidi Johnson for May 2019 BFA Senior Exhibition

"Transcendent" (oil on canvas) by UW-Eau Claire BFA candidate Heidi Johnson

Art by Jeremy Borchert for May 2019 BFA Senior Exhibition

"Halo: The Great Journey 'Remember Reach'" (ink and digital paint) by UW-Eau Claire BFA candidate Jeremy Borchert

Art by Matthew Bergs for May 2019 BFA Senior Exhibition

"Fishing" (digital media) by UW-Eau Claire BFA candidate Matthew Bergs

Richard Roth art for 2019 Senior BFA exhibit

"Develop" (digital design for workout logging app) by UW-Eau Claire BFA candidate Richard Roth

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s Foster Gallery will present “Responsibly Crazy — The Spring ’19 BFA Bunch” May 3–19. This exhibition features work by May 2019 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree candidates, including Siri Stensberg, Andrea Fischer, Heidi Johnson, Jeremy Borchert, Matthew Bergs and Richard Roth. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, May 4, from 6-7:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public.
Siri Stensberg is a drawing and painting BFA candidate from Appleton, Wisconsin. She will exhibit a variety of abstract oil paintings that address the surface of paintings. Siri states, “In this series, I took interest in changing the identity of the paintings I was working with. A handful of surfaces are 20-30-year-old paintings that were left behind by their original artists and found and repurposed by me. I was interested in giving new life to old and rejected artworks, and it provided a challenge to interact with decisions made outside of my control. The end result is a handful of abstract, playful paintings that relate to each other in bold color relationships, visceral textures and undulating overlapping spaces. More broadly, my work is influenced by musical lyricism and expressionism. I’m drawn to art for similar reasons that I studied music: I enjoy the performance of making marks sensitively with my tools and the challenge of applying a learned musical or visual vocabulary to a create a cohesive piece.”
Andrea Fischer is a photography BFA candidate from Ashland, Wisconsin. She will exhibit an installation of common, everyday items completely entrapped in a fur-like yarn texture. Andrea states, “My installation consists of over a thousand hours of yarn being placed onto everyday items. Ranging from an arm chair to a mounted set of antlers, each item has been completely covered to create a new fur-like surface. This waggish furniture lives under a collection of hanging yarn to create a cozy and whimsical environment.”
Heidi Johnson is a drawing and painting BFA candidate from New Baden, Illinois. She will exhibit a combination of oil paintings, ink drawings, an infinity mirror installation, and sculpture. Heidi states, “I am interested in expressing the idea of infinity and how it relates to both a spiritual perspective and a physics standpoint. Greatly influenced by surrealism and the work of Salvador Dali, I seek to create visual representations of both imagined places and “places” or states of existence I believe to exist in a purely spiritual realm.”
Jeremy Borchert is an illustration BFA candidate from St Paul, Minnesota. He will exhibit poster-style illustrations based on the Halo video game franchise as well as original character concept illustrations. Jeremy states, “My work is based on my love for comic book art. I am influenced by Jim Lee, Ralph McQuarrie, Stan Lee, and Steve Ditko. I keep as much of a comic book inking look to my work while using a painterly coloring style.”
Matthew Bergs is an illustration BFA candidate from Edgar, Wisconsin. He will exhibit monotone prototypes of a children’s picture book about Otto the sea lion, titled "Otto’s Fishing Face-Off," complemented by five colored samples of the book’s interior spreads. Matthew writes, “'Otto’s Fishing Face-Off' is my first attempt at thinking of a story idea, then following through on executing it into a fully fledged children’s picture book, illustrations and all. Illustration allows me to study the anatomical mechanisms of the living things in our marvelous world, and translate their life and energy into characters that capture our hearts and bring a little extra beauty and wonder into our lives. I’m excited to share Otto’s story with you all, and I hope to introduce more characters’ stories to the world!”
Richard Roth is a graphic design BFA candidate from Iwakuni, Japan. He will exhibit a UX/UI app design. “The app is a weightlifting logging/tracking app which emphasizes a seamless logging experience, focusing on the needs of the user over visual flair. The goal of the app is to provide a service that doesn't disrupt the action it’s aiding,” describes Roth.