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New sculptures adorn Centennial Hall

A student-created sculpture titled "Starlight Heritage," dedicated this past spring in UW-Eau Claire's Centennial Hall, celebrates the long history, the present-day and the future of teacher education at the university.

Art students Catelyn Mailloux and Pheng Vang, along with their mentor, Dan Ingersoll of the art & design department, created the sculpture, which was installed in the new building’s third floor Lantern area.

Katherine Schneider and JunoA sculpture honoring guide and other assistance dogs was commissioned by Katherine Schneider, UW-Eau Claire senior psychologist emerita, and friends in honor of Schneider’s 41 years of partnerships with Seeing Eye dogs. Funded through gifts to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation, the sculpture is located near the Student Success Center on Centennial Hall’s second floor.

Designed and cast by the Randolph Rose Collection of Yonkers, N.Y., the life-size bronze sculpture of a yellow Labrador retriever with harness is titled “Juno” after the initial walk a student takes at guide dog school.