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Math and art blur boundaries in Foster Gallery quilting exhibit

The Chippewa Valley Quilting as Art juried exhibition presents joint efforts between the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley community to celebrate creativity in quilting art and local cultural heritage.

Quilting as part of the needlework craft traces back to Europe from about the 5th century. The Arts and Crafts Movement of the early 20th century further developed the creative and constructive tradition as an artistic endeavor. By the 1970s and 1980s, rapid advancement in the field made quilting techniques a prominent inspirational guide in the Fine Arts.

Quilting artists develop their work based on imaginative ideas, skills, and experiences beyond traditional patterns. Contemporary quilting art represents a Fine Arts category with two- or three-dimensional expressions and presentations.

The Chippewa Valley quilting art community has a long history of creative experience in integrating varieties of geometric and organic forms with dazzling color schemes to highlight artistically intricate compositions. It is a priceless heritage which provides invaluable educational impact to the UWEC campus and the community at large.

Included with the community artists’ works are the joined research experiments from the Departments of Art & Design and Mathematics.  Additionally, projects from UWEC entry-level mathematics courses display alongside the community pieces. The students’ learning outcomes in the interdisciplinary experiences of mathematics, art and design were enhanced by this practice and produced interesting results.

This UWEC Foster Gallery exhibition is one of many opportunities between the university and local community and indicates successful collaborations for the future.

Artwork in this exhibition was selected from American Sewing Guild Organization, Clear Water Quilters Organization, Sew Complete sewing club, and University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Department of Mathematics.