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'Breaking the Grid' BFA exhibit opens Nov. 25 in Foster Gallery

| Amanda Bulger

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s Foster Gallery will present “Breaking the Grid” from Nov. 25-Dec. 15. This exhibition features capstone projects by bachelor of fine arts candidates Emma Reed and Pa Yang. A reception will be held on Saturday, Dec. 7, from 3-5 p.m. in the Foster Gallery. All Foster Gallery events are free and open to the public. The gallery will be closed from Nov. 27-29 for Thanksgiving. 

Emma Reed Woman spreading poster
Emma Reed "Womanspreading"

Emma Reed is a graphic design BFA candidate from Fort Atkinson. Emma will be showcasing a poster series that comments on stereotypes and nonsense comments made toward women in today’s society. Describing her work as serious with a little sass, Emma states, “For this poster series I challenged myself to create something that commented on things not only I have experienced but something many other women have based on gender. This poster series brings attention to small statements made toward women and stereotypes based on being a woman that sound quite absurd in today’s society. I am influenced by my own experiences growing up as a girl into a woman as well as artists like Barbra Krueger, The Guerrilla Girls and Martha Rosler. My goal is to generate conversation regarding the inequalities women face. I challenge people to think of scenarios where they have seen or encountered sexism or any oppressive behavior whether if they saw it or said it themselves. How can we learn and move on from these behaviors? How do we get where everyone has equal opportunities no matter who the person is?”  

Pa Yang
Pa Yang "Visual Guide" for the International Museum of Rail Travel

Pa Yang is a graphic design BFA candidate from St. Paul, Minnesota. Pa will be exhibiting a visual identity system for a museum called The International Museum of Rail Travel. The museum’s purpose is to educate and give viewers an experience of train travel from around the world. Pa states, “The visual identity system is not only used as a branding tool but allows viewers a little glimpse of what my vision of the museum is about. My work reflects my love for traveling as well as my influences from the places I travel to. One place that had a big influence on my senior art show work was my study abroad experience in China last summer. Although I spent about a month in China, I experienced so much, and it inspired me to design something from my time there. One thing that was memorable to me was having the experience to travel by train for long-distance travel. Trains made it convenient for me to travel abroad, especially when I didn't have a car. Without the train services, I wouldn't have been able to learn and experience the different parts of China. This visual identity system for the museum allows me to share my study abroad experience, as well as educating viewers about train travel.”