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art AND agriculture

Editor's note: Since this story was first published in 2015, Gilbertson has enrolled in a graduate program for sculpture at Washington State University.

Marguerite Gilbertson, '16

Marguerite Gilbertson has lived and breathed art since she was a child. "It has always been a part of who I am and shapes how I see life," she says. The UW-Eau Claire senior art education major discovered her niche in sculpture during a class she took her junior year and found inspiration in the positive environment created by the art & design program's faculty and students. Having grown up on an area farm, Marguerite has always had access to the discarded rusted metal pieces dotting the farm property. "No longer were they just old fence posts, tractor parts and gears, but instead they molded together to form art pieces that illustrate my passion for my family and farm."

Marguerite's artistic skills are the building blocks that are preparing her for a career as a sculpture instructor at the university level. Her long-term goals have her taking over the family farm and building it into a place she can share with the Eau Claire community. "I want to incorporate both of my passions into a place where art and agriculture can be united," she says. "I want to use my ability as an artist to create pieces that have meaning to others and signify the connection I have to the farm. Ideally, I would create my own business at the farm, where I can sell my artwork but also provide other assets that would encourage families to experience a piece of farm life." Marguerite Gilbertson has big dreams to combine art and agriculture in her future — and that's pretty powerful.