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Governors Hall serves local food pantry

| Lucy Grogan-Ripp

If there’s anything better than performing community service, it’s performing community service with friends at your side. The Leadership Living Learning Community (LLC) of Governors Hall is doing exactly this, and earning service-learning hours while doing so.


Carrying out service work at the St. Francis Food Pantry has been a Governors LLC tradition for three years, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. These students dedicate the first and third Saturday of every month to serving at the food pantry, forming lasting relationships with people in need.


Michelle Henning, leadership programmer, states “You really get to know the people, you see them all the time and begin to form relationships with them. We get to have meaningful conversations with these people.” Michelle recalls a touching conversation she had with a food pantry patron, “I once spoke with a woman who does not have much at all. She told me about her life, and how she rarely gets the chance to talk to people. Having us there to talk to and interact with really boosted her confidence and made her day. As college students with meal plans, seeing and realizing this need in the community really changes your perspective.”


On top of forming personal relationships with community members in need, these students perform multiple other duties at the food pantry as well. The students stack shelves of food, and even work with the Boy Scouts during the food drive. “There are so many tasks that need to get done, it’s almost impossible for one person to do. When you have many people come together, it makes the job that much easier,” Michelle explained.


Requiring university students to carry out service-learning hours is important because it teaches them the value of looking beyond themselves, and this is exactly what the Governors LLC has learned, “I love that we don’t focus on ourselves. We are helping others, and this holds great value because you never know when YOU will be the one in need of help.”