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Travel and COVID-19: What to do?

Many travelers have concerns about their travel arrangements and reimbursement. Travel disruption is affecting everyone across the nation. The UW-Eau Claire has the safety and well-being of our students and employees as a top priority; and, the Firstsource Support Team is here to help.

Students needing a ride home

  • Enterprise is waiving the young driver fee and reducing the age to rent a vehicle to 18 years told.
  • This will be effective now through the end of May.
  • More information will be available to students by calling 844-624-4412. 


Travelers are eligible to be reimbursed for University/business related travel.
  • Evidence must be included with the reimbursement request that the flight/lodging/conference is cancelled due to COVID-19.
  • Include a statement in the Justification section, “Travel cancelled due to COVID-19.”
  • The conference organization email or website announcement or Chancellor's email is helpful to include along with receipts for any expenses.
  • To help the University track COVID-19-affected expenses, please add the project code: AAH7197 to your funding string, even if the funding string already includes a project code.
Event organizers are working with participants to refund registration fees.
  • If the organization returns the registration fees for which you have already been reimbursed, please return the registration fees to the University.
  • Please mail your check made out to UW-Eau Claire to the ASK Center, c/o Shawn Seuferer, 105 Garfield Ave, Eau Claire, 54701.
  • Include a note in the memo section, “Registration fees returned.”
  • A receipt will be returned to you via mail.

PT logs

Please follow the same guidelines as those for reimbursement. Please enter the project code AAH7197 in the comment section of the log.

Booking travel

In conjunction with the UW-Eau Claire Coronavirus travel restrictions, until April 20, 2020, the online Concur booking tool may only be used for purposes of cancelling airfare, hotels and rental vehicle reservations. Fox World Travel agents are available to book or rebook travel having new departure or check-in dates after April 20, 2020.


Airfare booked:
  • Through a Fox World Agent: Work with a Fox agent (866-230-8787) to cancel airfare. If you need to cancel a ticket in which travel occurs within the next 48 hours, email
  • Using the online Concur booking tool: Cancel on Concur.
  • DO NOT CONTACT THE AIRLINES DIRECTLY. Their websites and phone lines are experiencing incredibly high-volume traffic. 
  • Most airlines are waiving the change fees.
  • Airfare is refundable if the airline is unable to provide service; the carrier cancels the flight. 
  • Airfare is credited to the traveler if the traveler cancels the flight. The unused airfare will remain in the traveler’s Concur profile to be used for university business travel within 12 months, depending on the specific airlines. Travelers should retain the original flight itinerary which will be referenced when a new ticket is purchased.
Lodging booked:
  • Via conference-designated hotel: Cancel directly with the hotel.
  • Via Fox agent or by using the online Concur booking tool: Cancel on Concur.
  • Abide by the merchant’s cancellation terms to avoid late cancellation charges.
  • Per policy, UW System allows and reimbursed for a one-night required deposit.
  • Travel coordinators holding hotel contracts are to contact Purchasing for assistance.
Rental vehicles booked:

Cancel via Fox agent or by using the online Concur booking tool: Cancel on Concur.

The Firstsource Support Team, 715-836-3131 is available to assist with your travel and reimbursement questions.

Refer to the Firstsource + Travel for the latest UW-Eau Claire travel updates.

For UW System travel information, visit UW TravelWIse.