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Changes in P and PT Card Limits

| Jillian Anderson

UW-System auditors have been conducting purchasing card continuous auditing, and as a result, we have reduced the credit limits on P and PT cards to $1500/single purchase and $10,000/billing cycle. If you are aware of a purchase that will exceed this $1,500 single purchase limit please contact Jackie Kriesel at so she can temporarily raise the single purchase limit for you.

The continuous purchasing card audit goals are:

  • Risk-based identification of P card expenditures that may not be allowable using automated techniques.
  • Determination and evaluation of whether systematically-identified expenses are allowable.
  • Ensuring consistent testing methodology for institution data submitted to UW System Administration.

The Office of Internal Audit (Internal Audit) utilized IDEA, a data analysis software, and U.S. Bank’s Payment Analytics, a web-enabled auditing tool, to run queries against P card transaction data. The queries and tests developed identify the following:

Purchases on Holidays and Key Shopping Dates - Purchases made on UW Approved Holidays, along with other key shopping days [New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve] were scrutinized.

Flagged Merchants – Purchases from flagged merchants were identified and scrutinized.

Flagged Merchant Category Codes - Purchases from vendors operating under flagged merchant category codes were identified and scrutinized.

Key Words Matched Against the Item Description Field – Key words in the item description field indicates the good or service that was purchased by the cardholder.

Split Transactions – Transactions that appear to be split purchases (i.e. dividing a single transaction at the same merchant to avoid a single purchase limit) were queried using U.S. Bank’s Payment Analytics.

You can contact Jackie at 715-836-2520 or at for more information.