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F&A Weekly

Check-in with VC Crickette

3 Big Things to Know This Week

  1. Did you know our Facilities team uses a variety of tactics to protect and enhance pollinator habitats on campus? Click here to learn more.
  2. Join Vice Chancellor Crickette as she presents the F.E.A.R. Workshop (False Expectation Appearing Real) on Friday, May 12. Learn more and register here.
  3. Learn more about ATP with Workday Walkthroughs. These recorded sessions provide an overview of Workday functionality, as well as a preview of how specific business processes have been designed in the system, with a different topic highlighted each month. View the Walkthroughs here.


This week's Q&A is with Jillian Zerbe, 4K teacher at the Children's Nature Academy.

Jillian Zerbe

Jillian Zerbe, Children's Nature Academy

What do you like most about teaching?

I love teaching because every day is a new and different opportunity to inspire and influence students and families.  My heart is fullest when I see engaged, interested, and enthusiastic children who want to learn more about our topic.  I truly believe that teaching is one of the most meaningful and rewarding professions a person could choose!  

What is your favorite hobby?

I have several hobbies, however my favorite is probably creating and making glass beaded wrap bracelets with my sister, Jocelyn.  Anything where I can be with someone I love and get crafty I am a happy lady!   

If you had to choose one subject to teacher for the rest of your career, what would it be and why?

My passion for teaching is in helping young children and their families navigate the ups and downs of early learning and all that it encompasses.  Every day is new and different, I am constantly challenged by inquisitive young minds, each day supplies me with a belly full of laughs, and the progress and growth I see each year fills me with faith that I am in the right place!  So, to answer your question...I would stay right in this crazy little realm of Early Childhood Education! 

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