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microbiologist AND musician

| Judy Berthiaume

Marissa Hansen’s passion for and success in science — along with several high-impact experiences she’s had during her years as a Blugold — helped her land a dream internship at Leinenkugel’s brewery in Chippewa Falls. As a microbiologist intern, Marissa is doing the microbiology work for the brewery, a position that she’s held for 18 months and one that she is thoroughly enjoying. While she is thriving in the sciences, the University and departmental Honors student says it was UW-Eau Claire’s music program that first brought her to campus. Given her multiple passions, it’s not surprising that she’s found ways to pursue both science and music during her years as a Blugold: When she graduates in December, she will have a degree in biology with minors in both chemistry and music. Being part of UW-Eau Claire’s much celebrated music program helps Marissa nurture her musical talents, while also providing opportunities to develop friendships with students from across campus. Other high-impact experiences she’s had during her undergraduate years also have greatly enhanced her college experience. A Winterim spent studying biology in Belize broadened her views of the world. In Belize, she spent time studying animal and plant life while also learning about and experiencing the Belize culture. The Green Bay native says she came back from her international experience with a different life view, and a greater appreciation for things she used to take for granted (like hot water!) Despite her busy schedule, Marissa also finds time to continue with another of her passions — gymnastics. Marissa works 20+ hours a week as a gymnastics coach at a local gymnastics center. Juggling so much while pursuing her degree has taught her how to manage her time and set priorities, critical skills that will help her succeed in any job she has in the future. While her schedule is challenging, she says the many and varied experiences she’s having as a Blugold has helped her become the person she is today and those experiences are shaping how she sees her future. Marissa Hansen is building her personal and professional future through her work as a microbiologist AND a musician … and a gymnastics coach … and that’s pretty powerful!