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computer whiz AND cross country star

| UW-Eau Claire student Danielle Ferestad in CJ491.

Ryan Mugan has always been drawn to technology, so it was no surprise that he opted to be an information systems major at UW-Eau Claire. After all, exploring how people and technology can work together better is a great academic fit for someone with a longtime passion for technology. But what Ryan found as a Blugold that he hadn’t expected was just how big a role his second passion — running — could play in his college life. While a highly successful IS student, Ryan also is an accomplished athlete, excelling as a member of UW-Eau Claire’s track and cross country teams. Recently, he helped lead the men's cross country team to its first national title at the 2015 NCAA Division III championships, finishing 11th of 278 competitors and becoming the first three-time cross country All-American in UW-Eau Claire history. While his talents and his drive to always improve clearly pay off in his athletic pursuits, those same traits also are helping him find success in his academic life. When Ryan graduates in December, he will have completed internships at three different companies in just three years. In each internship, Ryan developed and strengthened his IS and Web development skills, ensuring that he has the kinds of high-demand skills and experiences that will help him succeed in the workplace. As he considers his career aspirations, his priority is finding a job that constantly challenges him and helps him grow as a professional. By tapping into his talents and passion for technology and running, Ryan Mugan is a computer whiz AND a cross country star … and that’s pretty powerful!