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Student mentor recognized for exceptional skills as tutor, leader

Hassemer, tutoring coordinator in the Academic Skills Center. "As an exceptional leader, she brings professionalism and maturity to this role, which allows her to effectively mentor new tutors and handle challenging situations.

"Daily helps students overcome obstacles by becoming a living example and mentoring them through challenges that fall outside the realm of academics.

"Beyond helping students understand concepts is the tutor's role as a guide and role model in balancing workloads and achieving in spite of challenges," Daily said. "Because the tutor is a peer, she is able to have a working understanding of where the student faces challenges, as well as varied ways to tackle them."

Daily is a relatable peer role model with an aptitude for mentorship through her patient, nurturing and easy-to-follow tutoring approach, Hassemer said.

"Rachel shows a deep and genuine concern for the students with whom she works," Hassemer said. "Because she is so patient and skilled at listening to her peers' needs and academic struggles, I routinely schedule students with the most need to work with Rachel. She makes students feel at ease, encourages them and explains math concepts in various ways until a student understands."

Daily's peers also attest to her mentoring expertise. 

"Rachel was very patient with me and explained the material in a way that was easier for me to comprehend," said one of Daily's former tutees. "I felt very comfortable with her, and she made something I hate doing —math —fun."

It was Daily's natural interest in and talent for working with students that led her to apply for the Academic Skills Center position in the first place. She helps students with math, study skills and test preparation, and says her job as a tutor is ultimately a gratifying experience. 

"The most rewarding part of tutoring is that moment when you see the 'light bulb' go off," Daily said. "There are times when it seems like students are frustrated and not understanding the concept, and then suddenly that changes, and you can see the weight come off their shoulders. It's exciting for both the tutor and the tutee."

Hassemer said Daily's dedication to helping others will not only leave an impression at UW-Eau Claire, but wherever her path takes her following graduation. 

"Rachel is already making an impact on the community of learners here in the Academic Skills Center, and I know she will continue contributing to this campus, her chosen profession and the community in the years to come," Hassemer said.

For more information about Daily's honor and UW-Eau Claire's Academic Skills Center, contact Dr. Audrey Robinson, director of the Academic Skills Center, at 715-836-2200 or