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Historians and their books: 2017-18 Schedule of book-signings

| Jim Oberly, flyer by Linda Glenna

At least since Sima Qian (Han Dynasty 225 BCE) and Thucydides (Athens 400 BCE), historians have communicated their findings in books.  The book is still the way that historians share new research and new interpretations with their readings publics. The History Department at UWEC celebrates the publication of new books in history with a public series where historian-authors talk about their books.  Thanks to support from the University Bookstore, the authors will sign copies of their books.  The Bookstore also sponsors a raffle open to UWEC students to receive autographed copies of the new history books. 

This past fall, two historians appeared in the series:  Jon Shelton from UW-Green Bay visited the Department in October and talked about his new book, Teacher Strike!  In November, Kate Weichert from our UK partner department at the University of Winchester talked about her new book, Medieval Hostageship.


Darrell Newton

On February 14 at 3:00 pm in the Chancellors Room of Davies Center, Darrell Newton, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic and Dean of Graduate Studies, will talk about his new book, Adjusting the Contrast: British Television and Constructs of Race (Manchester University Press, 2017).  All are welcome to hear Dean Newton talk about his research and purchase autographed copies of his book.  A lucky UWEC student will win the raffle prize of an autographed copy of Adjusting the Contrast. 

On March 7 at 3:00 pm in the Alumni Room of Davies Center, Professor Reiko Shinno of the Department of History will speak on her book, The Politics of Medicine under Mongol Rule (Routledge, 2016).  In April, there will be book-signing presentations by Jim Oberly (From a Multi-ethnic Empire to a Nation of Nations) and by Rick Pifer (The Great War Comes to Wisconsin).