Workshop Registration System

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The UWEC Workshop Registration System acts as a center for administrators to create and manage workshops. The UWEC Workshop Registration System is also known as Application 153.

Administrators must provide their campus username and password to access the Workshop Registration System.


Create an Offering

  1. Click New Offering

  2. Type desired name
  3. Type descriptions
  4. Click save

    NOTE: Once users create offerings, they can not be deleted.

Creating Workshops Under Offerings

All workshops will be listed under offerings.

  1. Navigate to the left side panel
  2. Click workshops

  3. Click the plus sign to add a workshop​

  4. Select offering type from drop-down menu
  5. Select other for workshop title in dropdown menu
  6. Type title
  7. Select building from drop-down menu
    NOTES: If desired building does not appear, follow the instructions below on how to add buildings.
  8. Select location from drop-down menu​
  9. Select presenter from drop-down menu
    NOTES: Only admin can be presenter.
  10. Type seat count
  11. Type desired beginning start date
    NOTES: User may edit time on the side.
  12. Type end of registration​
  13. Type start time
  14. Type end time
    NOTES: You can manually change time by typing time directly into box.
  15. Select semester from drop-down menu
  16. Select year from drop-down menu
  17. Type workshop description
  18. Prerequisites if needed
  19. Click save

Adding a New Building

  1. Click Administration options​

  2. Click Locations

  3. Click new location

  4. Click new building

  5. Type building name
  6. Select Location from drop-down menu
  7. Type room number
  8. Type room capacity
  9. Click save

Adding Linked Resources

  1. Click Edit Resources​

  2. Click Add Link

  3. Select Order
  4. Type description
  5. Type linked URL address
  6. Click save

How to a Copy Workshop and Change Session

  1. Click Green Copy Button​

  2. Form should auto fill.
  3. Change desired session information.
  4. Click save

How to Download Attendance Sheets

  1. Click report panel​

  2. Select report type
  3. Select workshops drop-down menu
  4. Select semester drop-down menu
  5. Select year from drop-down menu
  6. Click generate report

  7. Click view information

  8. Click download

    NOTES: It downloads into excel by default.
  9. Then, save excel document

How to Register

  1. Click register
    NOTES: The user will get a calendar request automatically after registering for the workshop.

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