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Windows 11

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What is Windows 11?

Windows 11 is the next operating system from Microsoft with applications that open quickly, a visually appealing desktop, and a more streamlined experience.

What is happening to Windows 10?

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system will become End of Life (EOL) on October 14th, 2025. This means that Microsoft will no longer support this operating system and provide updates or security patches. Because it is no longer receiving security updates, all UW-Eau Claire managed Windows computers will be upgraded to Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 11. Not all computers running Windows 10 now have the required specifications to run Windows 11. Read more about that in the ‘Can I upgrade to Windows 11’ section later in this article.

What is different in Windows 11?

The Taskbar, File Explorer, Search Bar, and Windows Start Menu all have a different look and are located in the middle of the task bar. The right side of the taskbar is the same. In the former location of the Windows icon and search icons users will find a widget icon that when signed in is customizable and displays live tiles including news, weather and outlook calendar.



Windows Start Menu Icon

The Windows start menu icon allows you to search for applications or documents, displays pinned applications and recommends recently opened documents for easy access. SearchBar

Search Icon

Hovering over the search icon will display a pop up menu of the last three searches. A left click on the icon offers a search of computer and internet, displays recently searched items in applications,documents, and the web, offers quick searches, and quick access to your most used applications as seen in the below image.


Task icon

Hovering over the task icon allows users to create and/or see multiple desktops above the task bar and a left click displays all open windows as seen in below images.

Hover view: HoverView

Left click view: LeftClick

File Explorer

File Explorer has replaced the toolbar ribbon with small icons for the basic cut, copy, paste, rename and delete tasks. The least intuitive icon is the one used for renaming a file and is the icon located between paste and share icons.


Can I update to Windows 11?

The answer is maybe. Many of the current Windows 10 computers that we have will update to Windows 11. There are also a good portion of our oldest computers that will not be able to run Windows 11. During the remainder of 2023, it is LTS’s goal to provide each department a report of which machines they are responsible for can be updated or will need to be replaced no later than the summer of 2025. This will be in conjunction with our report from the IT assets audit we performed during the second half of 2022 that captured updated location and asset owner information. If for any reason a computer must remain on Windows 10 after the EOL date, that computer must operate off of the network or have other security in place to isolate it from the campus network that LTS has approved. We plan to work with a department at a time on an update schedule to Windows 11 so that the conversion is done well before the October 2025 deadline if possible. Users can also elect to update to Windows 11 at any time and should reach out to the LTS Help Desk by calling (715) 836-5711 or emailing to request being updated. Generally, anytime LTS needs to reinstall Windows we are upgrading it to Windows 11 at that time if the machine is capable. All new computers we receive will come with Windows 11 already loaded onto it.

Summer 2023 Classroom and GA Lab Windows 11 Update

At the conclusion of the spring 2023 semester, LTS will begin the process of updating all classroom teaching station computers and any computer labs that can be to Windows 11. When any of these locations have replacement hardware installed, it will be updated to Windows 11 at that time. Users of classroom teaching station computers and general access computer labs are strongly encouraged to read the next section of this article and act immediately.

This is the tentative schedule of when classrooms and GA lab spaces will updated to Windows 11 over the summer. Schedule is subject to change.

  • 5/22 Schneider Hall
  • 5/30 Centennial Hall
  • 6/5 Hibbard Hall
  • 6/12 Phillips Hall, Nursing Building, McPhee
  • 6/18 Haas Fine Arts, Human Sciences and Services

Summer 2023 Classroom and GA Lab Software Purge

Also during the summer of 2023 when classroom teaching station and general access computer (GA) lab computers are updated to Windows 11, LTS needs to do a purge of the majority of the software that comes pre-loaded onto it. Since Windows 10 was first installed, requests have resulted in software building up on these computers. LTS currently deploys 350+ software titles through our management system. A software review/cleanup process has never been completed. The two main reasons this needs to be done are:

  • Excessive software on the computer can cause conflicts and slowdowns of the operating system, resulting in issues for users.
  • More software requires larger hard drives to hold it all, which are more expensive, so unneeded software increases these expenses unnecessarily.

What locations are being impacted?

All instructional spaces that have a dedicated teaching station computer and all general access (GA) computer lab locations. The following locations are considered GA labs:

Centennial Hall 1420Hibbard Hall 107McIntyre Library 1004McIntyre Library Public Access
Centennial Hall 1917Hibbard Hall 201McIntyre Library 1033McPhee 128
Centennial Hall 2917Hibbard Hall 311McIntyre Library 1042Phillips 281
Centennial Hall 3504Hibbard Hall 318McIntyre Library 2001Schneider Hall 107
Centennial Hall 3814Hibbard Hall 407McIntyre Library 2002
Centennial Hall 3815HSS 225McIntyre Library 3027
Haas Fine Arts 275HSS 247McIntyre Library 4011

What standard software will remain installed?

Adobe Reader DCIBM SPSSMicrosoft WordSassafrass Keyserver
7-ZipiClicker Cloud StandaloneMicrosoft PowerPointVLC Player
Alertus DesktopKaltura CaptureMicrosoft ExcelWinDirStat
Chemwatch IE ShortcutMicrosoft EdgeMicrosoft TeamsWinLogBeat
Dell Command | ConfigureMicrosoft LAPSMozilla FirefoxZoom
Flexera (aka Secunia)Microsoft Office ProjectNotepad ++
Google ChromeMicrosoft Office VisioR
Hovercam FlexMicrosoft OneDriveRespondus Lockdown

How do I request the software I need?

Send an email to with the software name(s) and all the locations you need it reinstalled. When making your requests, be sure to include not just the locations you will use the software, but where students are most likely to need access to the software, as well.

Example: Please install Pepper Font on all teaching stations, HFA275, and HFA318.

If the software was previously deployed on Windows 10, we should be able to have the software redeployed by the next business day. If the software has never been deployed by LTS before, the process of verifying and packaging it can take up to two weeks if we are receiving many requests. If you need to order new software, please visit the Software Purchasing knowledgebase page.

When can I submit my request?

Please submit your email request as soon as you are done reading this information. If you wait, please keep the amount of time LTS needs to deploy or package new software mentioned above in mind. We want everyone to have the software they need in all spaces where it’s needed, so we appreciate your prompt attention.

Preferred software request submission deadlines:
Summer Session – Wednesday, May 17th
Fall 2023 Semester – Wednesday, August 23rd

Where can I go for help?

Visit the LTS Help Desk in VLL1106, email or call 715-836-5711. Visit the LTS Help Desk page for current Help Desk hours.

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