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Travel: Airfare and the UATP Card

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What is a UATP Card?

A Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) Card is a prepaid airline card for all UW Campuses which holds the unused airfare tickets, due to changing travel agencies, for Delta, United, American, and Southwest.

  • Tickets with the big four (United, Delta, American, and Southwest) were converted and are no longer in an individual's personal profile.
  • The remaining unused tickets on all other carriers moved to Travel Incorporated and remain with the original traveler, (mostly international tickets and some domestic carriers such as Jet Blue and Alaska Airlines). (This does not apply to athletics.)​
  • University travelers will be able to use these funds when they book airfare with Travel Incorporated based on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • UW System Administration will “true up” with each campus after the values of UATP cards are used up.

How to use our UATP Card:

Booking Individual Airfare:

Travel Inc. will automatically apply any available funds on the UATP Card to your flight when you book with them for United, Delta, American, and Southwest. If you are paying for airfare on a personal card and not seeking reimbursement, use UW System UATP Exempt Group Code UWEAU2021UATPEX.

Why it is important to know about?
  • Because employees need to be aware if the card was used, and how to “expense” it properly
    • Pay attention to invoice receipts when booking with Travel Incorporated to confirm if the UATP card paid for the airfare or if it was charged to the card on file.
How to Identify:
  • To identify if your airfare ticket was purchased with the UATP card; review the upper right-hand corner of your invoice. If the UATP was used, it will list TP followed by numbers. See screenshot below:​

How to Expense:
  • In your expense report, select UATP (UW Prepaid Air Card) from the Reimbursement Method drop down in the payment details section. Note that you have purchased a ticket with Travel Incorporated using the UATP card, as seen in the screenshot below.
    • ​Since your credit card has not been charged for this airline ticket, you will not receive reimbursement for it.
    • This information it to be added to help ensure that the correct funding string is charged for your purchase. If this information is not added, your default funding may be charged.

Why do we have the UATP card?

Due to UW System agency transition on July 1, 2020, the airline industry restrictions would not allow UW System to transfer all unused tickets from one vendor to another. Instead, UW System was able to convert the value of the unused tickets to UATP prepaid airline cards for the big four airlines: United, Delta, American, and Southwest. We will be using these funds with Travel Incorporated, our new vendor. (This does not apply to athletics.) This process allows UW System to utilize the $3M of unused tickets without expending new funds to purchase tickets.


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