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Travel: Renting a Vehicle

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If you are renting a vehicle for a business purpose, please follow proper procedures in order to stay in compliance with UW System and UW-Eau Claire policies.

Make sure to always follow UW System's Travel Policies. UW TravelWIse's policy overview for Ground Transportation is linked here.

Below is an outline of some of the policies to follow:

  • University-issued charge cards are to be used by the cardholder only; they are not to be shared.
  • Vehicles are to be rented as one vehicle to one person per the Enterprise and National – Big 10 Contract or the Hertz – State Contract (secondary).
    • Add-ons/fuel options are disallowed
    • Title and Registration Fees are allowed
    • Sales tax is disallowed
  • The renter is to physically present the charge card at the merchant counter when the vehicle is picked up.
  • Any additional drivers are to be added at the counter when the vehicle is picked up.
    • Drivers for the vehicles are to be named so their VUA can be confirmed.
    • Regulations of Wis. Stat. s. 893.82 and 895.46 surrounding student drivers are complicated and the repercussions severe.
      • Student non -majors are not covered by the State Self-Funded Liability Program are not to drive.
      • Student majors require both the advance approved VUA and University Business Use of the vehicle in writing. (An approved SFS Travel Authorization will suffice at this time.
  • Any gas receipts are to be associated with the specific rental vehicle.
    • The cardholder paying for the fuel is to be physically present with the vehicle when fueling.
  • The rental vehicle is to be associated with a particular trip and date(s).
    • A log kept with the vehicle would suffice for long term rentals.
  • Passenger/trip participants are to be listed for the particular trip and also to justify the size/type of vehicle rented.
  • Trip agenda/itinerary must be included and associated with the specific rental vehicle and trip dates.
  • During COVID-19 travel restriction period, the SFS Travel Authorization and the division head’s approval email is to be attached to the TER or PT log.

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