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Travel: Hosting a Meal

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Below are guidelines to follow when paying for a meal for another person or group of people as in accordance with Administrative Policy 435, Headquarter City & UW System Sponsored Event Policy.


Before you leave to host a meal, remember to:

  • View the policies for UW System Sponsored Events.
    • Must be covering someone besides the payee
    • Must fall under a business functions under definition of University Sponsored Events
  • Bring Payment: If you are taking your staff or guest to a restaurant for a meal during a business meeting, you can pay for the food with a US Bank Corporate Card or personal funds (P and PT cards are not allowed).
  • Bring your Tax Exemption Evidence: You are encouraged to take along a tax exemption card which explains the University's tax exempt status and helps to provide evidence and credibility when requesting tax exemption.
    • Contact your department or the ASK Center Firstsource Support Team at or 715-836-3131 to obtain one.
    • The University of Wisconsin System Sales & Use Tax Exemption Certificate Tax Exemption Number.
  • Bring your ID: Bring your Blugold ID card in case the restaurant staff requests to see it.


While you are hosting a meal, remember to:

  • Spend within maximum rates: Hosted meals must be within the maximum rate per person for both within Wisconsin and all other locations (including international). The maximum rates include taxes and gratuity up to 20%.
  • Pay with the correct means of purchase: Use your Corporate Card or personal funds (P and PT cards are not allowed).
  • Request tax exemption and show your tax exempt card.
  • Do not purchase alcohol.
  • Request an itemized receipt; it should list each item ordered and payment method. This is required for reimbursement.


Apply for reimbursement by submitting a Travel Expense Report (TER) following the guidelines in the document, How To Create Expense Reports in the Expense Module.

  • List your expense type as Meals-Hosted
  • Attach an agenda
  • Attach a list of attendees' names
  • Attach all itemized receipts,
  • Justify why the meeting had to take place over a meal time
  • Sales tax in WI is not reimbursable
  • Gratuity up to 20% is reimbursable

Visit the Firstsource + Travel page for more information, or for additional assistance, contact the ASK Center Firstsource Support Team at or 715-836-3131.

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