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Travel: Hosting a Meal

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When you will be paying for a meal for another person or group of people, here are some guidelines to remember.


Before you leave, remember to:

  • View the policies for UW System Sponsored Events.
    • Must be covering someone besides the payee
  • Bring Payment: If you are taking your staff or guest to a restaurant for a meal during a business meeting, you can pay for the food with a US Bank Corporate Card or personal funds (not a P or PT card). Click here to apply for a corporate card.
  • Bring your Tax Exemption Evidence: You are encouraged to take along a tax exemption card which explains the University's tax exempt status and helps to provide evidence and credibility when requesting tax exemption. Contact your department or the ASK Center Firstsource Support Team, 715-836-3131, to obtain one.
  • Bring your ID: Bring your Blugold ID card so that the restaurant staff can see if it they request to do so.


While you are out, remember to:

  • Spend within maximum rates: Hosted meals must be within the maximum rate per person for both within Wisconsin and all other locations (including international). The maximum rate includes gratuity up to 20%.
  • Pay with the correct means of purchase: Use your Corporate Card or personal funds (not P or PT card).
  • Request tax exemption and show them your tax exempt card.
  • Do not purchase alcohol.
  • Request an itemized receipt; it should list each item ordered and payment method. This is required for reimbursement.


Apply for reimbursement by submitting a travel expense report following the guidelines in the document, "How To Create Expense Reports in the Expense Module."

  • List your expense type as Meals-Hosted.
  • Attach an agenda.
  • Attach a list of attendees' names.
  • Justify why the meeting had to take place over a meal time.

Visit the ASK Center Firstsource + Travel page for more information, or for additional assistance, contact the ASK Center Firstsource Support Team, 715-836-3131.

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