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cisco 7940

cisco 7960/7962

Phone Basics

Beyond picking up and putting down the handset, IP phones allow alternative ways to place, answer, end, and manage calls.

Placing a Call

Users have multiple options in making a call from their IP phone:

  • Press the [LINE], [SPEAKER], or [HEADSET] button and dial.
  • Press the [NEWCALL] soft key and dial.
  • Press a speed dial button.
  • Select a number from a directory and press the [DIAL] soft key or lift the handset.

Answering a Call

When using a headset, press the [LINE] button of the incoming call.

When using speakerphone, press the [ANSWER] soft key or the [SPEAKER] button.

Ending a Call

When using a headset, press the [HEADSET] button or the [END CALL] soft key.

When using speakerphone, press the [SPEAKER] button or the [END CALL] soft key.

Redialing a Number

Press the [REDIAL] soft key.

Answering a Call - Pickup

  1. Lift the handset and press the [PICKUP] soft key.
  2. Press the [ANSWER] soft key.

Speed Dial

  1. With the handset down, dial the abbreviated number.
  2. Press the [ABBRDIAL] soft key.

Speed Dial Setup

  1. Navigate to
  2. You will see the message "There is a problem with this website's security certificate." Click Continue to Website, or otherwise make an exception in order to access the site.
  3. Sign in with your university username and password.
    NOTE: Type your username in all caps.
  4. Click User Options.
  5. Click Device.
    The screen should look similar to the image below, with your department-name-phone number listed.
    device configuration
  6. Click Speed Dials.
    speed dial
  7. Type the number in as if you were dialing it.
    NOTE: Use 36xxxx for campus lines, 9xxxxxxx for off-campus local calls, and 81xxxxxxxxxx for long-distance calls.
  8. In the Label field, type in whatever description you wish.
  9. Click Save at the bottom of the page, or use the Save icon at the top of the page.

You can have up to 99 abbreviated dial settings. These will not appear on your phone; this page is the only record you will have of the abbreviated dials.

Placing on Hold

Put a Call on Hold

To put a call on hold, press the [HOLD] soft key.

Return to a Call on Hold

To return to a call on hold, press the [RESUME] soft key.

When there are multiple calls on hold, use the [NAVIGATION] button to select the desired call and press [RESUME].
NOTE: Calls on hold stay on hold indefinitely.
navigation button

Transferring a Call

  1. Press the [TRNSFER] soft key to put a call on hold.
  2. Dial the number you want to transfer to.
    NOTE: To transfer to someone's voicemail, dial #8 plus their number.
  3. (Optional) Announce the call.
  4. Press the [TRNSFER] soft key to complete.
    NOTE: If the transfer fails, press the [RESUME] soft key to return to the original call.

Transferring a Call Directly to Voicemail

To transfer a call to your voicemail, press the [IDIVERT] soft key while the phone is ringing.

Parking a Call

  1. Press the [MORE] soft key.
  2. Press the [PARK] soft key.
  3. Make a note of the park number.

After 3 minutes, the call will ring back to the phone that placed it in park. If the call is not answered, it will go to voicemail.

Answering a Parked Call

Press [#] plus the park number.

Forwarding Your Calls

  1. To forward all calls to another number, press the [CFWDALL] soft key.
  2. Dial the number to forward all calls to.
    NOTE: Enter the number exactly as you would if you were placing a call to that number.

To Forward All Calls to Voicemail

  1. Press the [CFWDALL] soft key.
  2. Press the [MESSAGES] button.
    messages button

To Cancel Call Forward

Press the [CFWDALL] soft key.

Directories Button

The directory buttons allow you to access a list of missed, received, or placed calls, as well as the corporate directory.

Dialing from a Directory Menu

  1. Press the [DIRECTORIES] button.
  2. Select the directory.
  3. Select the number you wish to call.
  4. Press the [DIAL] soft key.
    NOTE: To enter any letter on your LCD screen, use a corresponding number key. Press the key one or more times to display a particular letter. For example, press [2] once for "a", twice for "b", and three times for "c". To back up, press the [<<] soft key.

Conference Calling

  1. During a call, press the [MORE] soft key.
  2. Press the [CONFRN] soft key quickly.
    NOTE: This opens a new line and puts the first party on hold.
  3. Dial the number.
  4. When the call connects, press [CONFRN] again to add the new party to the call.
    NOTE: You can add up to a total of six lines using this method.

Adjusting the Volume

Adjust the Ringer Volume

The handset must be in the cradle. Press the volume button [+] up or [-] down. The setting is automatically saved.
volume button

Adjust the Handset, Speakerphone, or Headset Volume

During a call, press the volume button [+] up or [-] down. To apply the new volume level to all future calls, press the [SAVE] soft key.
volume button

Changing the Ringer

  1. Press the [SETTINGS] button.
    settings button
  2. Press [2] for ring type.
  3. Press the [SELECT] soft key to choose "default ring".
  4. Use the [NAVIGATION] button to scroll through the list of ring types.
  5. To hear samples, press the [PLAY] soft key.
  6. To set your selection, press [SELECT].
  7. Press the [OK] button.
  8. Press the [EXIT] button.

Exchange Voicemail System

Setting up Voicemail

  1. Check your e-mail for the Microsoft Exchange message containing your access number and PIN number.
  2. Press the [MESSAGES] button or dial the access number.
  3. Enter your PIN number and press the [#] key.
  4. You will hear: "Welcome to Setup."
  5. Follow the simple instructions to record your name and greeting. After listening to a playback of your recording, you may re-record your message.

Checking Voicemail

  1. Press the [MESSAGES] button.
  2. Enter your PIN number and press the [#] key.
  3. You will be provided your current status related to voice messages, new e-mail messages, and your calendar.
  4. The Main Menu choices will then be given.

Press [0] to use the touch tone system, or say one of the commands below:

  • [1] Voicemail
  • [2] Email
  • [3] Calendar, or calendar for today, or calendar for Tuesday
  • [4] Personal Contacts
  • [-] Directory
  • [5] Compose a voice message
  • [6] Personal options

Checking Voicemail From Off Campus

  1. Dial your office phone number, or 831-2238.
  2. When requested, enter you PIN number.
  3. Follow the instructions for checking voicemail.

Changing Personal Options

  1. Press the [MESSAGES] button.
  2. Enter your PIN number and press the [#] key.
  3. When asked for selection, say "personal options" or press [6].
  4. Follow the menu selections for changing personal options:
    • [1] Change the telephone out-of-office status.
    • [2] Record a voicemail greeting.
    • [3] Change your PIN.
    • [4] Switch to/from the Touchtone/Voice interface.
    • [5] Set the local time zone.
    • [6] Use the 12- or 24-hour time format.

Using the Voice Directory (Auto Attendant)

  1. Dial 34-9999 for on-campus or 831-2682 for off-campus phones.
  2. When prompted, say the name of the person you wish to reach.
  3. When asked, say "Yes" or "No" to confirm.
  4. Responding with "Yes" will dial the person's phone number.
    NOTE: If you respond "No", you will be asked to say the name again.
  5. Press [#] to leave voicemail.

Need Help?

Access the User Options Setup by navigating to and logging in with your username and network password.
NOTE: Enter your username in ALL CAPS.

For technical assistance, contact the LTS Help Desk via email at, or call extension 36-5711.

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