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Setting Up Exchange Voicemail

  1. Press the Messages button on your phone. messages
  2. The first time you go into your voicemail, your PIN is 112233, followed by #.
  3. Follow the setup instructions as they are given to you. You will be asked to record your name and greeting and change your password. After listening to a playback of your recording, you may re-record your message if desired.
  4. (Optional) Exchange voicemail is a voice-activated system. To bypass this and use the touchtone commands, wait until you have entered your voicemail inbox. Then, press * and 0. You will then be able to use the buttons to access different areas as directed.
    1. 1- Voicemail
    2. 2 - Email
    3. 3 - Calendar/Calendar for Today/Calendar for Tuesday
    4. 4 - Personal Contacts
    5. 5 - Compose a voice message
    6. 6 - Personal Options
  5. If you do not wish to bypass the voice system, listen to the prompts and say the commands as instructed. The exchange voicemail system will play your voicemail, read you email or calendar to you, and give you the option of finding someone in the UWEC directory.
    NOTE: To find someone in the directory, use the voice command "Directory." When prompted, say the first and last name of the person you would like to contact. Once you do so, the system will give you further options in contacting that person.

Checking Voicemail From Off-Campus

There are a number of options for checking your voicemail when off-campus. Directions for these three processes are listed below:


This option is available both on- and off-campus. Check your email for Microsoft Exchange voicemail messages. You can listen to these messages using your computer speakers.

Enter Your Extension

  1. Dial 715-830-1732.
  2. When instructed, enter your six-digit extension (36-xxxx).
  3. You will hear your recorded name and will be asked to enter your PIN.
  4. You will then be able to access your messages as normal.

Dial Your Number Directly

  1. Dial your number.
  2. After it rings, you will hear your greeting play. At that time, press the * key.
  3. When prompted, enter your PIN.
  4. You will then be able to access your messages as normal.

Personal Options

When you access the Personal Options menu, you can accomplish the following tasks:

  • Change your telephone out-of-office status.
  • Record (or re-record) a greeting.
  • Change your PIN.
  • Switch between the touchtone or voice interfaces.
  • Set a local time zone.
  • Choose whether to use a 12- or 24-hour time format.

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