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CampS: Overview of the Student Center (Students)

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This document will describe how to access the Student Center, and its overall layout.

With the MyBlugold CampS Student Center you can view, and in some cases edit, academic, financial, and personal information.

Accessing the Student Center

  1. From the UW-Eau Claire website, click the MyBlugold CampS link at the top right of the page.
    The UW-Eau Claire Central Authentication Service page appears.
  2. Login to MyBlugold CampS.
  3. From the Main Menu, select Self Service.
    The Self Service page appears.
  4. Click Student Center.
    The Student Center page appears.
    Student center

Student Center Layout

Student center layout

On the right, the reference column contains information on the following:

  • Holds: These are important as they can keep you from registering.
  • To Do List: This is often used for financial aid processing.
  • Enrollment Dates: This will show the date(s) when you can register for classes.
  • Advisor: This displays your advisor's name and contact information.
    NOTE: For more information on any of these sections, click Details.
On the left, there are sections for other categories:
  • Academics: This is used to check your current enrollment, register for classes, and view any other specific class-related information.
  • Finances: This is used to show your current bill and financial aid, if applicable.
  • Personal Information: This is used to view and update your demographic data, such as emergency contact information, address, and phone number.
    NOTE: By clicking the pull-down arrow down arrow Down arrow at the top left of every section, you can minimize or expand as need be.

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