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Garfield Avenue project affects travel on lower campus.

The project is expected to be completed in fall 2018, and the footbridge will be closed from late May to late August in both 2017 and 2018.

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Last modified on 05/02/2017 4:14 pm CDT

Sharing groups let you save the permissions you want a user or group of users to have so you may reuse them with other items. You can create sharing groups for individual users or for all users in a particular course or group. You can have multiple sharing groups for the same users that you apply in different situations. For example, you could create sharing groups named "Comment" and "Edit and Review" and share them with the same group of peers. You would use the first sharing group for items you want to collect general feedback on and the second sharing group for items that you want others to collaborate on or revise in detail.

An organization, department, or course can also set up sharing groups and share them with you. Sharing groups that are shared with you are either optional (you can choose to apply them to specific items) or automatic (you have to use them). Automatically shared groups are either visible (appear in your Sharing Groups area) or hidden (information on the group is not available to you).

Create a new sharing group

  1. On the Sharing Groups page, click New Sharing Group.
  2. Give the profile a name and description.
  3. Click Done.

Add or change permissions for a sharing group

  1. Select the sharing group you want to manage by clicking its name.
  2. Click Add Users to add new users to the sharing group.
    1. Browse for the users you want to add. Use the Search For field to narrow your browsing results. Users with cascading roles must perform a search to display results.
    2. Click on users or groups of users in the browse listing to add them to the Selected Users list. Click the Remove icon beside users or groups of users in the Selected Users list to remove them from the list.
    3. Select the permissions you want the selected users to have.
    4. Click Add.
  3. Click the edit Edit icon beside the user or group of users for which you want to edit permissions.
  4. Select new permissions and click the Save link.
  5. Click the remove Remove icon to remove a user or group and their permissions from the sharing group.
  6. Click Done.

Set a default sharing group

A default sharing group can make sharing easier if you consistently share items with the same group of users. However, all items that meet your filter criteria are automatically shared with your default group, so ensure you set up your filters correctly.

For example:

  • If you only want to share presentations, add a type filter.
  • If you only want to share some items, add a tag filter and then tag the appropriate items with that tag when you create or edit them.
  1. Click the Settings link from the top of any page in ePortfolio.
  2. Select a Default Sharing Group in the Sharing Settings section.
  3. Use the Item Type Filter check boxes to specify which item types to automatically apply the default sharing group to.
  4. Use the Tag Filter to restrict which items the default sharing group applies to by tags.
  5. Click Save.

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