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Purchasing: Technology

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For personal purchases, please consult the Personally Owned Technology page for discount information.

Over the past year, there have been several periods of time where Dell has experienced significant delays in delivery time for computers due to shortages of certain Intel processors. At some points, the forecasting from Dell had some models delayed by 77 days. Delivery forecasts have been quite variable, and the potential of more delays still exist despite efforts by Intel to correct the issues and increase production capacity. The impacts of COVID-19 are also unknown.

Due to the volatile state of not knowing when an order might ship, we strongly urge everyone who was planning to use end-of-year funds to purchase computers to make those orders by Tuesday, March 31st. This should ensure product will ship and be invoiced against this fiscal year. Although Apple products have somehow not seen this issue, you are encouraged to also make Apple purchases by Tuesday, March 31st.

LTS is looking into alternative computer purchasing options so that we have the flexibility to provide you with hardware anytime in a timely manner.

Listed below are the standard University purchasing configurations for computer and printer hardware. It contains our standardized quotes from Dell, Microsoft, Apple, and HP (printers only). If you need a configuration not represented in the following lists, please contact LTS Consulting for specialized quotes.

Phone: (715) 831-1367

If you wish to purchase software, please contact LTS Consulting. In determining how best to license the software, it’s helpful if you include information regarding the developer, software title, version, and type and/or number of licenses. Please note that for software purchases, we will have to contact state contracted vendors before purchasing from another source including the developer.

Start your purchase

On the purchasing eForm, you’ll find all of our standard configurations pre-populated on the form. If you are purchasing non-standard hardware, please select Other from the Vendor menu and attach the quote provided to you by LTS Consulting. Please contact LTS Consulting with any questions. For any software or non-standard hardware purchases, please attach the quote provided to you by LTS Consulting.

Standard Configurations

Purchasing: Windows Configurations - Includes quotes for Dell and Microsoft computers & Dell displays
Purchasing: Apple Configurations - Includes quotes for Apple computers and iPads
Purchasing: Printers

Peripheral Purchases

To purchase a computer peripheral, use a procurement card (P card) or use Shop@UW. Computer peripherals include items such as:
  • Electronic equipment connected by cable to the computer
  • Flash drives
  • Cables
  • Memory cards

iPad App Purchasing

LTS has implemented an eForm to streamline the process of ordering apps from Apple's iOS App Store.

Please follow these steps to purchase an app:

  1. Visit the Apple Volume Purchase Program web site, and verify that the app you are seeking to purchase is available.
  2. Access the iOS App Store Purchase Request eForm.
  3. Login with your UW-Eau Claire username and password.
  4. Enter the exact name of the app you would like to purchase, the quantity of devices on which the app will be used, the price of the app, the University account number to be charged, and the name of an authorizer of that account.
  5. Click Submit.

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