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The UW-Eau Claire Student Senate has purchased a multi-year site license for Visix Digital Signage Software. This software is available for any department or unit on campus who would like to invest in Digital Signage, which can be used to display a wide variety of information, including office directories, promoting the services available by a department/unit, and advertising for special events.

In addition to the content provided by the department/unit, university-wide information will also be disseminated to all displays. (They will also be used for transmission of emergency information, superseding any information currently displayed.)

Any department or unit on campus may request digital signage in/adjacent to their work areas. In addition to the costs of purchasing and installing digital signage, there will also be an annual "software maintenance fee" that will be required of the requesting department/unit.

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Initial Cost Components Cost
Visix Digital Signage Software - Site License Purchased by Student Senate INCLUDED
Visix Digital Signage Software Maintenance (Covers balance of the current fiscal year) $93.34
Digital Signage Hardware Package, to include the following…
  • LG 47" Commercial LED TV (47LY540S) w/ 3 Year Warranty
  • Chief Universal Flat Panel Mount (RLT2)
  • ASUS Digital Signage Player (VIVOPC-VM40B-4GB)
Electrical, Network and Installation Costs (Varies due to infrastructure needs.)
  • Facilities Management estimate available upon request

NOTE: Hardware models/prices are subject to change. Actual/current models and prices will be provided on the Purchasing E-Forms. Visix Digital Signage Software Site License was purchased by Student Senate, but software maintenance per unit is required each year.

Annual Charges Cost
Visix Digital Software Maintenance (Required each year) $93.34

NOTE: Digital Signage Service Renewal E-Form must be submitted by each department/unit at the start of each fiscal year (July 1st). The annual Visix software maintenance charges are subject to change after the University's current multi-year contract expires.


The purpose of these guidelines is to help UW- Eau Claire faculty, staff, and student organizations create informative and meaningful digital signage content. The digital signage system displays advertising created by recognized UW-Eau Claire student organizations, academic departments and administrative offices.

  • Advertisements must be for activities or events open to the campus community or for information that enhances the campus environment.
  • Any advertisements that may go against the educational mission of the university (i.e. racist, degrading, and/or potentially offensive) are not allowed.
  • Advertising of alcohol or controlled substances is not allowed.
  • The name of the sponsoring university organization, department, or business must appear on the advertisement.
  • All advertisement should contain the date, time, and location of the event, and any other descriptive information.
  • A maximum of 20 advertisements shall be shown per day.
  • There are three categories of content that the digital monitor systems will display:
    • Local - created, managed, and displayed by the department/unit and managed by a local Content Moderator
    • University - content identified for widespread dissemination and managed by the Campus Visix Administrator
    • Emergency - determined and transmitted by Learning and Technology Services and supersedes any information currently being displayed.
  • Digital Signage Roles:
    • Content Moderator: individual responsible for managing a department/unit’s digital sign content
    • Campus Visix Administrator: your contact for technical help regarding Visix Software
  • Student organizations will be allocated 50 % of advertising space in both local and university digital signage systems. If there is not sufficient number of advertisements from student organizations within a specific run time, these slots can be filled from a list of pre-made student organization advertisements.
  • LTS will be the Campus Visix Administrator of the digital signage system for academic departments.
    • For digital signage support, please contact the LTS Help Desk

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