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CampS: Reporting Other Financial Aid (Students)

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When you are applying for Financial Aid at UW-Eau Claire, you are required to report any private aid you have received from outside scholarships or other outside sources. This document will show you how to report outside sources of financial aid using MyBlugold CampS.

  1. Log in to MyBlugold CampS.
  2. Click Main Menu.
  3. Click Self Service.
  4. In the Finances section, click View Financial Aid.
    The Select Aid Year to View page appears.
    financial aid year
  5. Click the aid year for which you wish to report a scholarship or other outside source of aid.
  6. Click Report Other Financial Aid to enter information about your outside scholarship or other source of aid.
    The Aid From Other Sources page now displays.
  7. Click the Report Additional Aid bar.
    Pull down menus for the required fields of Award and Type display. It also provides text boxes for the required fields of Description and Amount.
    NOTE: The field of Description is not required by the CampS software, but it is required by UW-Eau Claire.

    report financial aid
  8. In the Report Other Financial Aid section, click the pull-down arrow down arrow to select the Award received.
    NOTES: Scholarships are listed by term. Use Other only if the award you are receiving is NOT a scholarship.
  9. (Optional) If the Award is Other, use the Type pull-down to fill in the kind of award.
  10. In the Description area, type the name of the award you will receive.
  11. In the Amount area, type in the amount awarded by the outside source of financial aid.
  12. If you were awarded more than one outside source of financial aid, then click Add Another Award and repeat steps 8-11.
  13. Click Save.
    Your financial information has now been sent to the Financial Aid Office.

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