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Registration: Schedule Builder

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Schedule Builder is a web-based schedule planner that seamlessly integrates with CampS. Schedule Builder automates the manual pen-and-paper process and presents every possible schedule option open and available for registration with real-time data. It allows you to easily and intuitively build a full schedule around your competing demands.

Step 1:

In CampS go to Manage Classes > Schedule Builder (on the left).

Step 2

Open Schedule Builder. You may need to disable your pop-up blocker to use Schedule Builder.

Open Schedule Builder

Step 3

Select a term and which campus(es) you would like.

Step 4

You may use filters to refine your search


Step 5

To add courses select "Add Courses"

 "Add Courses"

Step 6

You can search using the following options:

Search by Subject and Course: from the Select Subject pull-down list, select the desired course department; from the Select Course pull-down list, select the desired course number.

Search by Section Attribute: from the Select Attribute pull-down list, select specific categories, such as service learning (can choose more then 1 attribute); from the Select Subject pull-down list, select the desired course department; from the Select Course pull-down list, select the desired course number.

My Planner (if you have classes in your CampS planner): From the My Planner Courses – Planner Term pull-down list, select specific term to add to Schedule Builder; Select courses you wish to include in scheduling options; Select Add

Search by Liberal Education: select specific LE attribute (can choose more then 1); select course department from subject pull-down; from the course pull-down, select the desired course number.

Click Add Course after choosing the course. Repeat steps to add all courses.

Click Add Course

Step 7

Click ‘Back to Generate Schedules’ after adding all courses

Step 8

Click Sections to view section information and narrow schedule results.

Click Sections

Click on the "i" icon to view expanded course information:

Step 9

Once you’ve chosen your courses, click generate schedule. A list of available schedules will appear based on your course and break entries. See the tip below for recommendations for limiting the number of schedules generated. Note: You are allowed to compare up to four schedules at a time.

Compare Schedules

Step 10

Select View to display more information and a weekly timeline. NOTE: You can narrow schedule results by clicking the lock that appears by a desired section under the timeline view and close. Click Generate Schedules again to view results that contain the locked section.

Step 11

Review the potential schedules. If multiple options, you can arrow through to view the next potential schedule.

Step 12

Found the Optimal Schedule?

Click Send to Shopping Cart on the top of the page. Confirm your class preferences as displayed. You may update grading basis (only change this if your instructor or advisor has told you to do this), number of credits if a variable credit course, and also select to join the Waitlist if the class is full. Then click ‘Finish’

Send to shopping cart

This will add your courses to your CampS shopping cart and the Schedule Builder shopping cart. If your enrollment appointment is in the future, you can stop here for now and return to your shopping cart on your registration day. If your enrollment appointment has passed, continue with step 14.

Step 13

On or after your enrollment appointment time, click ‘Shopping Cart’ at the top of the page. Click Shopping Cart

Then click ‘Register’. Then click continue.