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Qualtrics: Overview

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Qualtrics is a university supported survey software. This program offers a variety of survey options, survey appearance, survey statistics, and mass distribution options. The Qualtrics workshops will show learners how to create a basic survey, download results into Excel/Word, and how to create panels in order to distribute a survey to email list of participants.


Qualtrics Trainings

  • Qualtrics-Basic: This is an introductory Qualtrics course designed to teach learners the following skills: how to create survey questions, how to delete survey questions, how to use basic display and skip logic, how to manage surveys, and how to distribute surveys through an anonymous link.
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  • Qualtrics-Intermediate: Learn how to manipulate blocks and questions, using survey flow, and survey options (such as, Custom End of Survey Message and piped text from survey questions).
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  • Qualtrics-Advanced Topics:
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    • Creating Panels: This workshop is designed to teach the creation of distribution lists, panels, survey distribution via panel, and embedding data.
    • Generating Reports: Learn how to create and view your data in a meaningful way through reports.
  • Basic sharing: Sharing with or without edit access
  • Transitioning ownership


Log in to Qualtrics

Create a “Project” (Survey)

Adding Questions to a survey

Changing Question Type

Page Breaks

Preview the Survey

Skip Logic

Display Logic

Look & Feel Overview

Distribution Overview

Distribute Anonymous Link

Results Overview


PREREQUISITES: Qualtrics-Basic

Block Options Overview

Branch Logic

Survey Flow

Survey Options

Test Survey

Email Triggers

Filtering Results

Export Data Overview

Qualtrics-Advanced Topics

PREREQUISITES: Qualtrics-Basic, Qualtrics-Intermediate

Contact List Overview

Create a Contact List

Mailing List

Piped Text

Embedded data